FIVE days after the American Elections, and we still do not have a clear picture of what might happen next.

After months of warning about potential voter fraud, President Trump’s predictions about how things may play out have come to pass with uncanny accuracy. So did the Mainstream Media and Social Media suggestions about how the election victor could be called. It was to them, not the President. For people who pushed the wildest conspiracy theories about Russia interference for the last four years (claiming it wasn’t partisan, just vital that democracy is upheld) and the appalling Brett Kavanaugh ‘gang rape’ accusations to dismiss people prepared to go on record (under oath) over fraud they claim to have witnessed shows their true motivation. Democracy is the last of their concerns. It has been revealing to see how people such as Sadiq Khan have already started hailing mail in / early voting, as they see it as a route to power. No wonder the left are so against voter ID.

A number of scenarios may play out, and Trump supporters can be optimistic about all of them.

There is the potential for the Courts to overturn the results in one or more States. This is more possible than the Mainstream Media will have you believe. It happened in the year 2000 when Al Gore was declared the winner and President, yet a Court Order eventually overturned the result in Florida giving George W Bush victory and the presidency.

In Pennsylvania there seems to be a strong case for dismissing up to 300,000 ballots where the date of submission may not be able to be proven. The overwhelming majority of these ballots went for Joe Biden and if they cannot be proven as legal votes the courts may decide to dismiss. There are testimonies from so many people willing to go on record that this is not an unrealistic possibility. The behaviour of a number of US States to exclude scrutiny and close observation raises suspicion further, and the burden of proof lies with them in a Court situation. So in scenario number one, it may be messy and it may take time but Donald Trump will retain his presidency. The Media rush to declare victory despite all the emerging evidence will likely cause extreme unrest if the final outcome is that Trump remains President, and is a shameful indictment upon them.

The next scenario is that the Trump legal team believes that there isn’t a sufficient case and the President concedes to Joe Biden. At time of writing this seems unlikely but the coming days will tell us more and the wider GOP support for legal challenges will also influence this process. There are a number of reports suggesting that by early to middle of next week the President will have analysed all the evidence and make a call. This would hand the presidency to Biden if he feels the case isn’t strong enough, but it would be a pyrrhic victory for the left as this was never about Biden for them, it was about power and punishment. The elections were remarkably successful for the Republican Party beyond Donald Trump personally, controlling the Senate, holding all House seats and taking some from the Democrats, controlling the Supreme Court and the majority of State legislators and Governorships across the country.

The next scenario to consider is a hamstrung Biden presidency, facing multiple threats from within (the far left), The GOP – both with impeachment over China and any the fact that any major decisions will fail to make it through the Senate and the Supreme Court. Against this backdrop, a motivated Trump may decide to take on the media and social media, unconstrained by the presidency. The glaring point missed by all of the media is that Trump significantly grew his base from 2016 by over 3 million, with the largest ever vote for a sitting president in history. MAGA is on a upward curve, not downward.

The MAGA movement isn’t going to suddenly disappear and has the potential to be more effective over the next few years from outside the White House, laying the foundation for Trump 2024. It is worth reflecting on the reaction to the election from both Democrats and the Media . We have seen emotional outbursts on television and effigies of Trump being beaten in the street by mobs, which suggests an emotional negative reaction rather than a positive one. Without Trump ask the lightning rod for their hatred the left will turn against each other. We’ve already started to see this with fights between black lives matter and Antifa supporters at the ‘Biden victory rally’, not to mention the likes of AOC declining to enthusiastically endorse Biden.

We also have the prospect of The West having a glimpse of the left with power and the likelihood that people will realise that the person they kept telling us was a threat to World Peace actually maintained it. He talked to the dangerous people rather than bomb them, stopped the pointless wars , brought troops home, ended ISIS and the caliphate, neutralised dangerous terrorists, all whilst brokering peace deals in the Middle East with Israel and Arab nations.

A day of reckoning when the realisation that hatred of an individual is far less important than policies, decisions and the direction of a country will come for the sheep with Trump Derangement Syndrome voted Biden. Generally, left wing politics is emotion based in the short term and as such, emotive decisions can have disastrous long term consequences. Do these people really want to hand initiatives to countries such as China and Iran?

The whole election process has exposed a corrupt media under a corrupt establishment like nobody could have imagined. The Western World will never be the same again for some time , and despite Biden’s call for unity, the globalists and Mainstream Media are incapable of the self awareness and reflection to change course. It doesn’t matter how many Islamic terror attacks happen or how many jobs are lost, or how many trillions are pumped into nonsensical climate schemes, they have set a path and nothing will divert them, however overwhelming the evidence might be.

Lots of people voted against Trump, not for Biden. The enthusiasm for him was incredibly low for someone who supposedly received more votes than Obama in his landslide victory. Many will regret it, but the notion that Trump will disappear (whatever happens) is wishful thinking. He will have an influence on the West for years to come – and the growth of his MAGA movement will only continue.

Buckle up, we are only at the start – it is going to be quite a ride.

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