By: Chris Morrison

November 13th 2019

It’s been a busy few days for the BBC’s Matt McGrath drawing attention to Professor Mickey Mouse’s view that the “climate emergency” is real while finding time out of his hectic writing schedule to pocket a 100,000 euro “award” from a climate activist outfit.

The group called the BBVA Foundation gave the money to McGrath for his “extraordinary capacity” to communicate complex environmental issues and science. McGrath added that he defended the primacy of specialist journalism “that draws on sound scientific sources” in an era of fake news.

Presumably that’s his view of the lefty eco drivel press release he subbed last week claiming that over 11,000 scientists were predicting “untold suffering” from the forthcoming climate emergency. Not that the piece lasted long on the BBC’s anti science web page, once it became common knowledge that the Mouse had signed along with Hogwarts headmaster Albus Dumbledore and Professor Araminta Aardvark from the University of Neasden (Private Eye: passim).

The statement published in the journal BioScience was also notable for the lack of actual scientists that signed. Any cursory look at the signatories with librarians, teachers and government inspectors gives more the impression of a petition from activists with a strong personal and often economic interest in promoting the so-called New Green Deal.

Of course McGrath and his fellow BBC activists like Roger Harrabin fit well with this crowd.  In July McGrath wrote his usual measured piece for the BBC entitled “Climate change: 12 years to save the planet? Make that 18 months”. Headlines like this no doubt delighted the BBVA Foundation judging panel which included two government press officers and a number of “climate” journalists.

Of course some may question the wisdom of people who think of themselves as independent journalists receiving huge sums of money from the people they are supposed to be writing about. But that pass was sold years ago in some sections of the media. “Specialist” journalists routinely receive awards as in banking/insurance/ holiday homes Journalist of the Year. The giver gets to bung them a nice drink while the receiver swanks about as “award winning”, often removing any trace of the sponsor’s name in the self promotion.

Nevertheless the scale of McGrath’s libation is truly impressive. One might even call it an extreme event, necessitating the provision of numerous places of refreshment and large standby facilities to rush replenishments from brewer and distillery alike.

And so the remorseless climate emergency nonsense rolls on bankrolled and promoted by a huge subsidy-hungry Green army looking to profit from unimaginable societal and economic change. Any attempt to discuss the science is howled down. The BBC and the Guardian are at the forefront of mainstream media in the UK in promoting the ludicrous “carbon free” narrative. Almost every press release promising Armageddon is given prominent billing however preposterous the source.

Earlier this year, for instance, Roger Harrabin reprinted a number of false extreme weather claims from the left wing Institute for Public Policy, citing a report co-written by a researcher whose only previous job experience was working as a volunteer for an Edinburgh “equality” charity!

But at least the writer in question was a real person, unlike Hogwarts and Neasden’s finest!

The lack of rigorous scientific reporting has been partly responsible for the growth of increasingly unhinged climate hysteria. Extinction Rebellion started life as an anti-capitalist fringe group but got lucky by promising billions will die unless we remove the only efficient fuel we have within seven years. If you are all-in on climate and species catastrophe, you are hardly in a position to question the loonies propaganda and methods.

The Greta Thunberg episode is even more bizarre since the kid knows nothing about the science of climate change other than what adults have told her. The historian David Starkey noted his week that the Middle Ages were full of child saints and intelligent people like Michael Gove prostrating themselves … “and it is frankly mad”.

Little or no mention is given to any climate narrative that might hint at a more nuanced or objective discussion. For instance, the news that the Thames flood barrier had only been raised nine times in the past five years – a record low for that period of time going back to the 1980s – was ignored presumably on the grounds that it cast doubt on the glad tidings that the Greenland ice sheet is about to come crashing through Londoners’ front room any time soon.

The sacking of Dr Susan Crockford and Professor Peter Ridd for querying polar bear extinction and Great Barrier Reef destruction by their respective universities in Canada and Australia is barely mentioned. Hundreds of scientists telling the recent UN climate conference that climate models are not “remotely plausible as policy tools” were ignored, presumably because the sacred models provide the all important forecasts for the upcoming climate fireball.

This whole Armageddon fantasy is little more than an insult to the intelligence. It uses unreliable computer models of a chaotic atmosphere to predict risible claims of runaway global warming while closing down any reasoned scientific debate. It uses children to promote its anti-human, reactionary message. It is a deranged middle class fixation using dodgy unproven science to clamp down on continued human progress and ingenuity and condemn millions to a lifetime of poverty, disease and early death.

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