Tommy Robinson will lead a march to Twitter’s UK head office to protest against his account being suspended for violating the social media giants rules against “hateful conduct”, he confirmed in an explosive video last night.

The citizen journalist and anti-Islam activist will march for just over a mile from Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park through Mayfair to Twitter’s main UK base in Soho on Sunday 6th May. And he asked his loyal supporters to join him on the rally after stating “what we are seeing is blasphemy laws by the backdoor” adding “there is no seven-day ban or state censorship that can change 1,400 years of documented history”.

The screenshot Tommy sent exclusively to ANM

Robinson was quick to point out that the ‘offending’ tweet made reference to the ideology of Islam rather than individual Muslims who can interpret that ideology differently.

“I didn’t tweet that Muslims promote killing people,” he said. “I said Islam does, because it does.

“They are all complicit. Twitter, our police, our courts, our Prime Minister, our entire government and media – all of them raise one hand in support of freedom of speech while they rip it out from under us with the other. You are being lied to – we all are. There is a concerted effort to suppress free speech in the UK.

“And Twitter, Facebook, our police, our government, our media – they’re all in on it. This is an eco-system – my tweet was not hateful conduct, but Twitter uses that excuse knowing full well that the media will run with it. Spreading the lie and empowering our corrupt and pandering political establishment to demonise and criminalise criticism of Islam.”

Robinson also highlighted the hypocrisy of Hamas, Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood – all of them proscribed terrorist organisations – still having a voice of the social media platform while his account with more than 400,000 followers was targeted.

He finished the three-minute video with a rallying cry, urging supporters: “For anyone who cares for freedom of speech, will you join me on the 6th May?”

Earlier Robinson had sent AltNewsMedia exclusive screenshots (above) showing Twitter warning him not to attempt to evade a permanent suspension by creating new accounts.

To view the full video, which received 20,000 views within the first hour, please visit this page.

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