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In the 1967 film ‘To Sir With Love’, Sidney Poitier plays a qualified engineer from Guyana who’s come to the UK to seek success in that particular field. As a stop-gap, he tries his hand at teaching. After being posted to a rough and tumble school with feral youths in London’s East End, he sets about attempting to rehabilitate his pupils. Poitier has remarkable success in doing so, turning his surly charges into mature and considerate young adults. Despite eventually being offered a job in engineering, Poitier rips up his acceptance letter when he realises his true talent is staying put in the teaching profession.

Whatever John Bercow is, he is certainly no Mark Thackeray (Poitier’s character in the movie). Whereas Thackeray wanted to remain in his post to do good for upcoming classes of lost children, Bercow is determined to stay glued to the Speaker’s chair precisely because this ardent EU Remainer is determined to do all in his power to facilitate Parliament’s desire to block Brexit. In all honesty, Bercow doesn’t even pretend to hide his partiality anymore. In a speech given to the Brookings Institute in Washington DC, Bercow said (when asked about the legal default of a WTO Brexit):

“There is a difference between a legal default position and what the interplay of different political forces in Parliament will facilitate. The idea that Parliament is going to be evacuated from the centre stage of debate on Brexit is unimaginable. This Parliament can do as this Parliament thinks fit.”

There you have it. The people spoke in 2016; the people spoke again last Thursday. Based on analysis supplied by YouGov, 9,026,625 (55.2%) voters were Leave voters last week, as against 7,328,334 (44.8%) who were Remain. None of that matters to the diminutive dictator. All that concerns him is tearing up every rule in the book to empower a Parliament he knows full well is majority pro-EU to ride roughshod over any potential Conservative Prime Minister who might, just might, cut a different Brexit cloth to the pitiful Theresa May.

What makes it worse is that all those ardent Remainers – the Vince Cables, the Alastair Campbells, the Seb Dances, the Yvette Coopers – who have spent years throwing unsubstantiated claims of bias, vote-rigging and illegality at anyone who wants to quit the EU, will quietly turn a blind eye to the machinations of a man who’s brought unprecedented levels of ill-repute to the position he holds. There is simply no way people can be so stupid as to not get what the problem with a partisan Speaker is. Even if he’s partisan, this time, in their direction! Once you corrupt a hitherto stainless office, you tend to set in train a number of unpalatable future consequences. The arch-hypocrites who scream for Remain would do well to remember that.