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The end of the season is approaching and excitement is going through the roof. The League Championship is going to be decided between Minneapolis, Chicago, New York and newcomers, Seattle and Portland.  All other teams have now been mathematically eliminated from contention.

The City Destruction League is, of course, a new one in this country, but it has been violently successful.  Initially funded with massive amounts of money from team owners like George Soros, Nancy Pelosi and whoever is running Joe Biden’s life right now, the League has also picked up excellent ongoing revenue from advertisers such as BLM, Antifa, The New York Times, CNN and the Democrat Party. The League is a little weird for this country as it is only planned to run for one season-ending November 3rd, but there is an option to continue for another four years if the wrong person is elected President.

They Think It’s A Hostile Takeover ….

Minneapolis started very strong when the season began May 25th, as the entire downtown was levelled.  400 buildings were destroyed by wholescale arson and looting, which has now made the city look like Sarajevo circa 1992.  And of course, they got extra bonus points for the deaths of Black folks like Calvin Horton, shot to death by peaceful protestors.  Local business owner, Abi Baires, a witness to Horton’s killing, and a friend of George Floyd’s, explained why they thoroughly deserved the bonus points for sheer unadulterated awfulness:   “My business is going to get replaced. People are still going to come here when all this is over, but to witness another Black man dying right here, and fighting for his life, is the opposite of what we want justice for.”

But after such an excellent start they have been off the pace recently.  After brilliantly letting the downtown burn, the Minnesota Governor lost his nerve and brought in the National Guard. The Police, of course, were off-limits for law and order as the Council had voted to dismantle them, another wonderful tactical move which ensured the violence will now never stop.  But after this, they seem to have lost momentum as other cities have caught up in the ability to really do a number on your city.  It was a marvellous run of form while it lasted, and their massive score of $500 Million dollars in damages is a record that will probably live for a long time to come.

Minneapolis is still picking up points here and there, but these are mostly bonus points for comic relief, a new initiative by the League, which is playing well to Minneapolis’ strengths.  In early July, for example, Minnesota Governor Walz sent in a request for disaster aid from the Federal Government to a President who has been all over the legacy and social media insisting that Minneapolis stop the violence with the resources they had either asked to stand down and mandated to eliminate (Police), or refused to use until many days had passed (National Guard). This would make Minneapolis eligible to have the Feds (or rather all US taxpayers) pay for all the damage caused by their negligence. I am not sure Trump even bothered to respond, so gob-smacked was he by the breathtaking impudence.

The favourite to win the League, New York City, has had a disappointing season so far. They have a world-renowned coach in disaster, Bill De Blasio, and considerable form in being able to destroy a city, leftover from their exploits in the now-defunct Occupy Wall Street League. But so far they have just been a pale copy of the early scintillating play of Minneapolis.  The violence, occupying, deaths and damage, although still impressive, has really been just a pale shadow of the superior performances by the other top teams.  The defunding of the police by $1Billion to ensure more deaths and violence, particularly in minority neighbourhoods, would have been a masterstroke just a few months back, but now looks pretty silly compared to Minneapolis getting rid of the police completely.

They Think It’s A Hostile Takeover ….It’s a young man’s game and the old master De Blasio has obviously lost a step. But he still showed his class by the unprecedented strategy of painting his own graffiti when defacing Fifth Avenue next to Trump Tower with BLACK LIVES MATTER in huge letters.  And then placing 27 police from the rapidly dwindling police force to guard it, instead of guarding the folks in minority districts besieged by the escalating rampant crime that has ensued since the season kick-off.

The other pre-season favourite, Chicago, has had a mixed performance so far. As the League kicked off at the end of May, their initial performance was nothing short of spectacular.  A solid week of serious damage caused by rampaging mobs had them challenging Minneapolis for the top spot.

They Think It’s A Hostile Takeover ….

But unlike Minneapolis, they made a critical error in allowing the police to do their job and the violent riots subsided. Instead, they focused more on the grind-it-out game of the wholesale killing of folks in minority areas.  Chicago then delivered the highest number of murders in its recorded history – 18 folks – on May 31.  The superb performance did not go unnoticed.  “We’ve never seen anything like it at all,” said Max Kapustin, the senior research director of the Chicago crime lab. “I don’t even know how to put it into context. It’s beyond anything that we’ve ever seen before.”  But they were just getting started.  In June, shootings increased by 75% (424), while murders increased by 78% (89).

They Think It’s A Hostile Takeover ….Mayor Lori Lightfoot is doing her best but when it comes down to squeaky bum time her heart is just not in it.  This week, the day after a Black funeral was shot up and 15 folks either killed or injured, she had a Press Conference and excoriated ….. Trump!  Trump wants to send in Federal forces to as many of these cities as he can, but particularly Chicago due to the murder rate.  Lightfoot stated this would never happen on her watch because the local authorities were fully capable of dealing with it.  The Feds were on their way the next day as Lightfoot lost her nerve.  She tried switching to tearing down the nearest Columbus statue she could find, but no points are given for Columbus these days as all the loons are doing it.

Chicago has chosen a path that will probably see them lose out to Minneapolis.  It was already known as the murder capital of the US, so a step-up here will not be too remarkable.  And the shootings are mostly Black-on-Black and no-one outside of a few of us who think law and order should protect everyone – not the legacy media, not Chicago politicians, not BLM and Antifa and not the Dems in general – care anything about that.

So far the buzz in the League has been on the new guys on the block, both surprisingly from the Northwest – Portland and Seattle.

Portland is much smaller than the other members of the League, but has put in the most consistent performance so far. The Green Bay Packers of the CDL have destroyed the City every night since the League kicked off on May 25th.  And they have taken the old Pull Down The Statue play, long since sneered at as a game-winner by the bigger teams, and updated it for this season.

They Think It’s A Hostile Takeover ….While other cities were boringly pulling down statues of American heroes and loser Confederate Generals, Portland went for the animal kingdom. The historic well-loved Elk Fountain statue was defaced and burned every night until it was finally removed. Now folks were baffled by this at first, as it is doubtful if an elk ever had a hand in writing the Constitution.  But then the sheer technical excellence of the play was revealed when it amped up the violence in Portland to a new level.  BLM/ Antifa and the rest had realized that what a statue is made of does not matter.  It just has to be a popular symbol of Town unity.  If you can show that any and all parts of the underlying fabric of society can be destroyed, you can unleash some real carnage.

The Trump administration has set its face against the League as a whole, and Portland in particular.  Federal law enforcement has been sent in to protect the downtown courthouse, a Federal building, which has been threatened with being burnt to the ground.  The Feds have protected the courthouse, but Portland has used this as an excuse to attack the Feds, and with an awesome Cruyff Turn has blamed the Feds for the riots.  The lasers they used to blind three of the Federal officers were much admired by the other city teams, and many of the lads are already practising this creative move.

They Think It’s A Hostile Takeover ….The Mayor, and Coach, Ted Wheeler has had a good war so far.  He has encouraged his team to really perform, despite their relatively weak bench compared to the other city powerhouses.  But the lack of resources has begun to take its toll in a long season and there has been some dissension recently in the dressing room. Wheeler led his team out recently against the Federal troops to lead by example in the front line.  He was tear-gassed by the Feds, but his best players started to yell and scream at him as they felt their strengths would be better used in the realm of complete defunding of the police.

Three hours up the road on Highway 5, Seattle came through with some very big plays they have obviously worked on extensively on the training ground.  It has impressed with not just its demolition of its downtown, but also the subsequent overall takeover of a few blocks.  The declaration of an autonomous zone (variously called CHAZ or CHOP) separate from the US-run by BLM/Antifa was well-executed and delivered massive damage, rapes and four murders (although again the murders were discounted because they were all Black folks).  Another stunningly original play was the wonderful use of prisoners in the downtown jail.  The Council has just voted to shut the downtown jail in Seattle and release 1,300 dangerous dudes on the city.  They all ran to the corner flag and kissed their shirts after that one.

The Council still wasn’t done.  They had noticed that when protecting property even the emasculated soon-to-be-downsized police were able to provide some protection of property and lives with riot control gear such as pepper spray and teargas.  So they passed an ordinance banning use of this gear to go into effect this Sunday.  The Council chambers were rocking with an emotional chanting of “You’re going home in a fucking ambulance” after that one.  These guys intend to finish the season strong.  No-one likes them and they don’t care.

They Think It’s A Hostile Takeover ….The one disappointment so far has been the lack of some serious bottle by Mayor Jenny Durkan.  She was initially down with the struggle, not only approving of the violence but also providing cover by calling it a “summer of love.”  She was then able to announce triumphantly that the autonomous zone had increased crime by 525% (take that Minneapolis!).  Then the BLM/Antifa dudes gave her house a few love taps with a bit of the old ultra-violence and graffiti-ing. The next day she asked the police to demolish CHAZ or CHOP or whatever it was called at the time as the Coach has to be respected at all times. Seattle is now looking at buying Ted Wheeler as a replacement in the next transfer window.

As the season winds down to its conclusion In November, there is still all to play for. The one blemish on the League so far has been the lack of coverage by the Legacy Media. Apart from sports-mad Fox News, which has delighted in highlighting the epic northwest derby battle between Portland and Seattle, coverage has been muted.  And what coverage there has been has downplayed the magnificent achievements.

The wonderfully sustained death, destruction, raping, looting and vandalism has been portrayed as the exact opposite – “peaceful protestors,” summer of love” “people do what they do” “it’s only the downtown, the suburbs are safe” “defund the police does not mean defund.”  And the focus has been on Trump; someone who is not only not playing in the League, but is trying to shut it down.  Why they haven’t covered the biggest sports story in decades with any degree of comprehension and completeness is mystifying.  It’s as if they are doing this deliberately.

They Think It’s A Hostile Takeover ….
Tony Morrison

Tony Morrison is a retired IT business executive. Born in London, England, he has been a US citizen for forty years. Although he resides in darkest blue state Connecticut, he believes decisions made by many free individuals are infinitely preferable to dictatorial ones made by the few.

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