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When it comes to politics and political principles, the unity of the United Kingdom remains my Number 1 priority. It trumps the more common concerns such as health, education, defence, immigration and, yes, even Brexit. You may call me small-minded, but I have zero tolerance and zero time for people whose constitutional aims include the dismemberment of the UK. I have no Scottish or Irish nationalists in my social or cyber spheres and, frankly, I have no wish to engage with them.

Thus, when answering the potential question on whether we should accept Theresa May’s atrocious Withdrawal Agreement whilst sacrificing Northern Ireland or whether we should preserve the UK Union and delay Brexit, I will always choose the latter. Of course, I would prefer a WTO exit from the European Union, which the UK is already adequately prepared for. However, given that we’re now cursed with a treacherous Parliament lead by a pathological liar determined to deflect blame for her own appalling handling of Brexit, a WTO Brexit doesn’t appear to be an option. Incidentally, I hope I’m wrong on that last point.

Where, in international law, does it state a country leaving any sort of supranational organisation has to leave a portion of its sovereign territory behind? In this case, the so-called ‘backstop’ isn’t even suggested for the good of the Northern Ireland economy. Trade to and from the rest of the United Kingdom is by far the most beneficial as far as the province is concerned. No, this backstop is the brainchild of those who wish to safeguard the sensitivities of border communities. The same border communities who not only happily vote for a party which revels in the murders carried out by savage terrorists, but who used to practically sashay around Crossmaglen Market Square every time they heard about the slaughter of British citizens. Are they really the sort of cretins whose sensitivities we should handicap our Brexit policy on the strength of?

Ulster Unionist councillor Jeffrey Dudgeon has written a compelling piece in the Belfast Newsletter, in which he argues the backstop contravenes the very essence of the 1801 Act of Union. I would go further.

I would also claim – with considerable justification – that it goes against Section 1(1) of the NI Act 1998 declaring ‘Northern Ireland in its entirety remains part of the United Kingdom’; as well as section 5(6) of that same agreement dealing with unfettered parliamentary sovereignty over the territory of Northern Ireland.

Sammy Wilson MP is correct. This WA must be rejected even if it comes before the Commons 1,000 times. Because, in the final analysis, you can be in favour of a false Brexit proposed by May, or else a Unionist who believes in the territorial integrity of this country. You cannot be both.

You choose. I already have.



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