It is just a few weeks ago that the Remainer MPs were screaming about a “Constitutional Coup” when the Prime Minister Boris Johnson exercised his historical powers to prorogue Parliament ahead of a planned Queen’s Speech in October. The BBC gushed at the time…

“Demonstrations have been taking place across the UK against Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend Parliament in the run-up to Brexit. Thousands of protesters took to the streets in cities including Manchester, Leeds, York and Belfast. Parts of central London were brought to a standstill, as people chanted: “Boris Johnson, shame on you.”

But as we enter another febrile week in British politics, an ACTUAL constitutional coup is being openly contemplated. Here is what is being suggested;

A vote of no confidence in the government aimed at replacing Boris Johnson as prime minister could be held next week, a senior SNP MP has said. Stewart Hosie told the BBC such a move may be the only way of avoiding a no-deal Brexit on 31 October. SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon hinted on Friday she might back Jeremy Corbyn becoming a “caretaker” prime minister.

The idea is that a No Confidence vote is held, perhaps on Wednesday, to coincide with Boris Johnson’s big speech at the Conservative Party conference. If Boris Johnson loses this, then the idea is that an interim Government could be formed if Corbyn, supported by the LibDems and SNP, could step into the breach.

This new (unelected) Government would then act to ensure the UK cannot leave the EU by Oct 31st, agree a further extension to that date with the EU, and legislate to ensure that there is no possibility that a clean break Brexit could be implemented.

Only at this point could  there be a General Election.  However that is “a could”, not a definite!

As Andrew Neil has observed;

There’s talk that, having secured a long extension to Article 50, a so called “Government of National Unity” would then plan for a 2nd referendum followed by a general election. This could see it in power for up to a year, as oppose to the caretaker’s couple of weeks.

The problem for the rabble alliance in achieving this unprecedented constitutional coup is that the LibDem’s are currently opposed to Jeremy Corbyn becoming interim Prime Minister. So how to get around this?

Well, Robert Peston is speculating..

“It has become clear in talks between the opposition parties that the Lib Dems and expelled or self-exiled Tory MPs won’t agree to install Corbyn as PM. “We cannot win a vote of no confidence if Corbyn is the candidate,” said a senior opposition MP. “And there is no point having the vote if we are not guaranteed to win.” So there are exploratory talks to find a more unifying candidate, and Margaret Beckett has emerged as the front runner – because she is not seen by Corbyn and his close colleagues as a threat to his leadership. That said, as I understand it, Corbyn is yet to endorse the Beckett plan. There is a growing concern among opposition MPs that if they fail to oust Johnson within days, he may outmanoeuvre them and secure the no-deal Brexit on 31 October they are desperate to prevent.”

If that move brings on board the Liberal Democrats, the plan for this week is to try and install a Government of Losers that could stay in power well into 2020. This would represent a complete subversion of our democracy. These were the people who lost the 2017 General Election. The UK would be governed by an unelected Remainer cabal and the 2016 Referendum result would be undone. This would be the greatest constitutional crisis in British history for several centuries.

Is it about to unfold in plain view and with media encouragement?

Does Prime Minister Beckett await us?