It all seemed so logical. Anna Soubry stood for election in the parliamentary constituency of Broxtowe in Nottinghamshire in 2017. She stood as a Conservative candidate.


The Conservative manifesto in that General Election makes a very specific pledge concerning Brexit.


Anna Soubry was duly elected. Broxtowe had already voted by a majority of 52.5% to LEAVE the EU in the 2106 referendum. The Conservative manifesto makes it clear that the Party and all who stand under its banner have a commitment to deliver an orderly departure from the EU. Yet Anna Soubry has gained a degree of media fame by being vehemently opposed to Brexit. So she opposes both the wishes of the majority of voters in her Constituency AND she opposes the Conservative manifesto! Here she is at a cross-party delegation of anti-Brexit MPs meeting the EU chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, in flagrant public rebellion against the wishes of her Party. But, and here’s the kicker, the question now arises as to whether she actually IS a Conservative?

THE STRANGE CASE OF ANNA SOUBRY'S MISSING MANIFESTOThings took a twist on Sunday when, during an appearance on the Marr Show on BBC1, Anna Soubry stated that she did NOT actually stand on the Conservative manifesto. Here is the video evidence. Bizarrely, all the evidence is that she DID stand on the Conservative manifesto. So why did she claim she didn’t?

This is the Orwellian world of fanatical Remainers.

Black is white. Up is down. Wrong is right.

I am sure Ms Soubry is a highly intelligent person who understands exactly what she is doing. If she did not stand on the Conservative manifesto in 2017 then whose manifesto did she stand on? What was the Brexit policy she espoused? Did the Conservative voters in Broxtowe realise that she was not standing on the Conservative manifesto?

Of course Soubry is not alone in opposing the manifesto position on which she was elected in 2017. There are around 20 fellow travellers on the Conservative benches who shamelessly oppose the wishes of the 17.4m people who instructed the Government to get them out of the EU and who actively campaign to subvert these wishes.

Why are these people still able to classify themselves as Conservatives? Why are they not deselected? How can the electorate trust politicians who change colours and manifestos seamlessly?