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July 19th 2019

By Tony Morrison – our US Correspondent.

Over here a weird nickname, “The Squad,” is dominating the headlines. 

It’s a new one on me as I have only ever heard it in rap tunes where the reference is either to a group of special friends or an organized crime group. Some research on my part has shown The Squad is actually made up of four social media influencers. The group is all youngish women and are constantly banging on all social media platforms such as Twitter and FB about stuff like how a soaring economy is bad for the country and what the country really needs is about a billion more “undocumented, or illegal, immigrants.”  But further research reveals, somewhat worryingly, that the rap heritage of the term referring both to friends and organized crime has the ring of truth with this lot.

These four women, AOC, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Ayanna Pressley, are also Congresswomen.  It is easy to miss this, of course.  Legislators like congress folk and senators are elected to pass or revise legislation, legislation which the President then has to carry out as the Executive.  But these congresswomen have not passed any legislation, refuse even to vote for that which they support, and show no signs that they ever will in the future.  And the few times they have appeared on congressional oversight committees, they make absolute fools of themselves with a complete lack of knowledge about any issue and have just faded ignominiously into the background.  Why are such strident warriors who never shut up on any and all subjects so timid and invisible in Congress?

The meek and mild incompetent Congress pose is a cover for what these friends are really doing which is encouraging a massive crime wave across the nation. Their various utterings reveal wholehearted support of crime such as illegal immigration, antisemitism, excessive government control, redistribution of wealth, programs designed to cripple the country and impeaching innocent duly-elected government officials, or “motherf..kers” in their terminology. It’s the Justice League Of America in reverse. Although, this gang would not use America and Justice (Social Justice, maybe) in their name, and hence the shorter more apt name of “The Squad.”

It’s been a very interesting couple of weeks for The Squad which has revealed their unique modus operandi in all its glory.  Two weeks ago, The Squad appeared at the southern border in all their resplendent best dressed “lewks” for their social media-ing. Their cover was as congresswomen supposedly checking out the places where the assorted illegal migrants (99 out of 100) and refugees (1 out of 100) are being held pending legal review of their cases. 

There is much to review as Central American migrants are rushing the border in droves.  A weird patchwork quilt of laws and court decisions have ensured that the border is being consistently rushed, whoever is President, as there are many loopholes that enable folks to stay once they reach the border.  The most obvious example is, of course, folks turning up with children – an automatic ticket to entry.  The current executive, Trump, is not best pleased with such a situation even though he can take some comfort from the fact that it was even worse at times under previous Presidents, such as Clinton, Bush and the now not-so-saintly Obama, the first of the “baby-cagers.”

So the congresswomen all showed up to review the humanitarian problems caused by 100,00 immigrants a week showing up at the border with no food, shelter and medical supplies.  And then? Surely, they went back to Congress to vote on aid packages for those massing at the border and to change laws to ensure a sensible border security package with no loopholes?  Of course, they didn’t …. They voted against a $4.5 Billion bi-partisan funding package for humanitarian aid for the border (the only four congress folk to vote against this package).  And there has been no immigration legislation suggested, proposed, or even worked on, from these folks.

The crime-spreaders then proceeded to do exactly the opposite of what they should have done in their role as congressional oversight of a humanitarian crisis situation.  They called the detention centres “concentration camps” as a twofer smack at both the Jews they despise (“you’re not so special”) and at the cruelty of the US daring to administer the border controls that every country in the world operates. They lied (AOC and Tlaib stated that women were told to drink out of toilet bowls), they whined (all seemed to think they were under attack by armed ICE agents), they threw temper tantrums (AOC’s comments to the press have to be seen to be believed). 

Underneath it all, their views were very clear, and as always, to do with ramping up the crime in this country. 

They believe that all borders are racist and so all security should be eliminated. 


ICE, the agency charged with deporting all illegal immigrants, should be de-funded, and CBP, the law enforcement agency charged with protecting the borders, should be dismantled.  They are not just for “Open Borders,” these loons are for no borders at all.  Anyone – economic migrants, terrorists, drug-dealers, baby-killers – can come into this country at any time, as long as they do so illegally, and enjoy its bounty paid for by actual tax-paying citizens. 

The Squad’s rampant naughtiness has attracted the overwhelming attention of the mass media.  The Press assumed the real target of stirring up such a blatant crime wave in the country was the Republicans.  The theory was that Republicans are doing just fine with a booming economy and historic low unemployment, so The Squad wanted to see if they can get elected when the country is torn by massive crime dislocations.  And that’s just fine, at least with the liberal sections of the media busy strengthening the defences of Fort Resist-We-Much.  Certainly, The Squad has received the biggest media tongue bath since Hillary Clinton was acclaimed the most accomplished Presidential nominee evah! 


But the real target of the Squad was revealed just a few days ago – the Dems!  The Squad doesn’t care at all about Republicans as they are beyond the pale, one might even say “deplorable.”  The arc of history has long passed over the Republicans on the way to their future of socialism, mediocrity, poverty and being cold all the time.  But like any of the most evangelical of sects of any religion in the world, their real enemy is other sects in the same religion with very similar views.  The Dems as a whole have been moving in the direction of much of the crime wave advocated by The Squad – socialism, treason, coups against elected officials, confiscating folks’ money for social engineering purposes.  But they have not been doing so quickly enough for the purest of the pure, the true standard bearers for truth and justice.   

Head Dem, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, like any stern cardinal having to deal with upstart novitiates, tried to shut them down realizing that The Squad, fueled by the media, was becoming the face of the Dems.  And the canny old battle-axe, despite her own far left-leaning views, has realized that the Dems cannot be elected running on The Squad nonsense.  

Recent Axios polls on The Squad have shown the staggering amount of contempt in which they are held by many.  A few slap-downs in interviews and social media were what she thought enough to bring them to heel.  But instead, the battle was on as soon as Nancy opened her mouth.  AOC, not content, with merely inflammatory words (“we were sent here because Americans are sick of how Washington works.  So why would I learn a broken playbook”), went nuclear with the rest of The Squad and unleashed their deadliest weapon, the dreaded “women of colour.”  Why is Pelosi a white woman, putting us in danger by critiquing us and so having “women of colour” exposed to death threats?’ they opined.

And then, just as we all thought it couldn’t get any better, Trump got involved.  When two enemies are fighting the logical tactic is to let them at it and enjoy them destroying each other.  But Trump often surfs on emotion, not logic, and he has a problem with just watching a fight.  Going back to his glory days in the World Wrestling Foundation’s Wrestlemania XXIII, when he body-slammed Vince McMahon from behind, he just has to dish out a bit of rough. 


So he ramped up the old Twitter for some heavy truths on The Squad. But being Trump he leads off with a mistake, as is his wont. 

He characterized all the women to be recent immigrants and asked that they “go back to where they came from,” fix their dysfunctional countries and come back to impart their wisdom.  Fair comment for one of them, the awful ungrateful Ilhan Omar, who was rescued from a civil war in Somalia and a Kenyan internment camp (not a concentration camp, that was right out) by the US government.  All the others, though, are natural-born citizens of the US.  It was easy to make such a mistake.  Rashib Tlaib, for example, is never seen in public without the flag of another country (the “State” of Palestine) draped around her somewhere.  


And AOC is always banging on about her Puerto Rican heritage as if it were another country (US since 1917).  But African-American Ayanna Pressley’s US roots go back to at least the 18thcentury.  It is not a good look for the President of the USA to make such a mistake.

The Squad immediately unleashed the “women of color” again, but it was not as fearsome the second time around. Trump has been called a racist every day since he announced his run for President, and sometimes twice on Sundays, so whatever…. 

However, the Dems rushed to circle the wagons around The Squad thinking it would show solidarity against Trump.  But it didn’t; in fact it did quite the reverse.  “Racist Trump” was the message the Dems thought they were delivering; instead the message was “We like The Squad!”  In the space of two days a potential real problem for Trump was turned into a real win.

When last seen The Squad was being interviewed this week in their new guise of a merged single entity on CBS This Morning.  It won’t matter to anyone who missed this televisual feast as the Republicans and Trump campaign will be running clips of this 24/7 for the next 18 months in their bid to hold the Presidency and take back the House.  On the morning of July 16ththe funniest parody website in the US, The Babylon Bee, ran an article saying that Trump’s reelection campaign ads would just air “unedited footage of Democrats talking.”  We are beyond the age of parody now as the first such ad was aired by the Republicans on the evening of July 16th.

And will the House be free of at least one of what Senator John Kennedy calls “the horsewomen of the apocalypse?” 


Scherie Murray is a Republican who has announced she will be running against AOC in New York’s 14thcongressional district.  She is an exemplar of what is rapidly becoming the face of the emerging Republican Party.  A legal immigrant, born in Jamaica, but so imbued with a belief in the promise of this country that she is a successful jobs-creating entrepreneur. It will be refreshing to hear sense coming out of the Bronx in 2020.  In Murray’s words:

“You deserve someone who will fight for you, not fight for the limelight.  Someone who will build bridges, not burn them down.”

Tony Morrison

Tony Morrison is a retired IT business executive. Born in London, England, he has been a US citizen for forty years. Although he resides in darkest blue state Connecticut, he believes decisions made by many free individuals are infinitely preferable to dictatorial ones made by the few.

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