Consider this theory, if you will.

Kurds are holding vast numbers of male and female terrorists in prisoner camps, captured at the final fall of ISIS. (“Refugee camps in the vocabulary of the legacy media)

Kurds wants them all to return to the countries they came from. They do not want  to keep them.

Kurds are contacting Western journalists to come and interview the terrorists, so that western countries will take them back.

UK journalist (highly experienced in Iraq/Syria, most probably of the “Refugees welcome” type) visits the female section of the camp. He asks Kurds to find him one of the most high profile UK female ISIS members (ie Shamima Begum or the other 2 girls, if alive).

He promises Kurds he will try and get her sent back.

Kurds have obviously identified everyone (or at least asked for their ID) so they know who’s in the camp.

Kurds bring Shamima Begum to him right away. Journalist pretends he found the girl randomly.

He and the Kurds tell her to say she’s pregnant and just about to give birth. A possible easy route out of the camp and one less headache for the Kurds.

Girl can’t help expressing full support for ISIS, she hasn’t been coached yet to falsely claim that she was appalled by what she saw etc etc when she got there and was trapped.

Journalist sends recording back to London.

Editor broadcasts sensational interview of girl expressing full support for ISIS.

2 days later, girl is interviewed by another journalist. Some woman in a niqab is holding a baby, which apparently is the newborn baby of the girl being interviewed. But how do we know for certain?

Girl gains sympathy for baby with left wing press. Ministers make statements regarding baby.

Assuming the baby wasn’t hers, the actual parent obviously won’t give it away. So she doesn’t have her prop anymore and needs to make an excuse why.

A few days later, girl claims that baby died.


The Kurds “confirm” this.

How feasible is this hypothesis?