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“Do your duty”, pleaded Theresa May.

Kinda strange, given that the vast majority of MPs have manifestly NOT done their duty in nearly three years in respect of the Brexit referendum.

Let me refresh your memories. The ballot paper gave us two options: Leave or Remain. There was nothing about leaving subject to a Withdrawal Agreement; nothing about potentially placing an economic border through the middle of our own country; nothing about politicians attempting to seize control of the whole Brexit process.

What we were offered was a straightforward binary choice, with the explicit promise repeated manifold that our wishes would be implemented. The government’s own propaganda booklet paid for with £9 million of taxpayers’ money, gave us the same assurance.

I had a somewhat explosive exchange of words with my MP’s own office manager yesterday afternoon. Given that Holly Lynch has been on maternity leave for the past 400 years, her office staff act as de facto representatives for the people of Halifax. So they are the first port of call for any gripes suffered by the poor sods who live in this town under her watch.

It felt wonderful and oh so empowering to actually tell an MP’s second-in-command that the vast majority of those who sit in the House of Commons have so little decency and integrity where Brexit is concerned, “they’re unfit to dosh out swill to pigs in a sty”. It was one of those rare moments when an ordinary Joe gets to relay to cocooned politicos just how we feel about years of lies, betrayal, treachery, deceit, obfuscation, arrogance, condemnation and belittlement.

Face it, outside the small coterie of honourable Labour MPs together with the ERG group on the Conservative benches, we have a Parliament refusing to honour what the people voted for. And they’re doing so because, fundamentally, they neither expected nor like the result. The rest of this is just froth.

It is likely March 29th will come and go, and we will still be a member state of the European Union! Moreover, we will still have representatives who’ll lie about getting the country out, and we’ll even have a Labour Party swinging in behind a second referendum! Because seeking to undermine the largest single act of voter participation in British history is infinitely more important on the red side of the House than tackling the seething nest of Jew-hatred Corbyn’s party has become.

There are two factors, however, both politicians and their media supporters have ignored:

1). Sooner or later those who’ve betrayed Brexit will face an electoral reckoning at the hands of 17+ million voters.

2). What seems like a demand for a second referendum nationwide is actually the vociferous call of a London-based elite, who have about as much in common with people in places like Cornwall, Worcestershire, Norfolk and Durham as they do with microbes on Venus.

Do they honestly believe we’ll all just forget what they’ve done to our democracy since 2016?


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