The cultural and political Left in the UK have declared open warfare on freedom of expression. They have done so in a variety of ways. How many times, for example, have you sat down to watch classic comedy from the 1970s or 1980s to see the episode preluded by some ridiculous ‘health warning’ telling you the programme contains ‘outdated or offensive language’ (outdated or offensive to whom?)? Those that don’t carry this red flag for our sensitive souls are instead carefully edited to remove anything remotely controversial. I watched an episode of ‘Porridge’ the other evening that had, by my estimation, nearly five minutes cut from the original reel.

If it’s not the TV shows of yesteryear, it’s a crackdown on what you can say or sing. I note the England rugby anthem ‘Swing Low, Sweet Chariot’ could now be banned. How they propose to actually enforce this is anybody’s guess. I can remember the inclusion of this song in English rugby back in the early 1990s in the days of Will Carling, Rory Underwood and Brian Moore. Nobody found it offensive back then. In fact nobody found it offensive until last week, when the George ‘most oppressed person in history’ Floyd bandwagon rolled into town, with members of the Shadow Cabinet tugging at the yoke!

However, there is one section of society that remains firmly outside the newly-created womb of Woke sanctuary. Not for us any amniotic sac of cocooned protection from the ululating hordes who spit invective at us at every passing opportunity. Hordes, ironically, who come from the same ideological stable as those who seek to censure our every thought, word and deed. Who are we? We’re the Brexiteers, of course.

It’s now coming up to four years since we voted for Britain to leave the European Union. During those agonising 208 weeks, we’ve been variously labelled as…

Little Englanders

These are not insults that have simply rolled off the tongues of the Kopi Luwak coffee-sippers of North London. Oh no! These have been enunciated time and time again from the lightning rods of luvvydom and the petulant foot-stampers of our political opponents. In short, we have been subjected to permissible insults that, had they been directed to any other group in society, would have landed the culprits in the dock for hate speech.

Brexit voters were mainly but not exclusively white; mainly but not exclusively working class; mainly but not exclusively of regional England. And I can tell you that a consequence of these last four years – topped off with the lunacy of this Antifa/BLM attempted cultural coup – is that we have never felt more alienated in our own country than we do right now. So let that be a warning to any idiot who thinks continuing on the current trajectory is going to have a happy ending. Because I can assure you it most certainly isn’t!

Swing Low Sweet Chariot BBC Article

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