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By Marty Caine

May 17th 2019

I joined UKIP in 2010, mainly because I could see what was happening in the EU and Nigel Farage was saying the exact same things as I was thinking and I thought to myself this party could well be the change British politics needs. I met with Nigel on numerous occasions and he was most certainly passionate about getting us out of the EU and never denied the fact that UKIP was his platform for achieving that goal even though the party itself was a major headache for him and for me it was great to be involved in something that was a breath of fresh air in British politics.

UKIP first started to gain momentum back in 2012 following an incident with two foster parents in Rotherham that were sacked for being UKIP members. It was a media blunder because they inadvertently made UKIP the underdogs totally oblivious to the fact that Brits will always support the underdog, that’s why we all loved Eddie the Eagle but not Steve Davis. Cameron started to call us all a bunch of ‘Fruitcakes and Loons’ and we just laughed at him, some even started selling Fruitcake at conferences, the MSM started branding UKIP racist xenophobes but we just carried on growing and in 2014 became the first ever UK Party to win a National Election other than Labour or Conservative and we won the EU Elections of 2014, winning 24 seats in the EU Parliament. It is undeniable to say that wouldn’t have happened it if had not been for Nigel Farage and it was that result the lead to Cameron promising a Referendum.

However, it seems that the UKIP of today, most of whom were not in the party when the real battles were won, have forgotten what Nigel Farage and UKIP of that time achieved and just like ‘Fruitcakes and Loons’ are now insistent on attacking Nigel Farage at every possibility, simply because, like me, he came to realise that he was flogging a dead horse with UKIP. Kippers of today seem to think that the Brexit party is now their main opponents when the simple fact is both UKIP & Brexit Party are actually fighting for the same thing and they are oblivious to the fact that the real opponents are the Liberal Democrats.

They are also even more oblivious to the fact that by attacking Nigel and the Brexit Party they are actually helping the LibDems because they are turning people off from voting for either of the two main Pro-Brexit parties and a non-vote in EU2019 is the same as a vote for Remain. I bet the LibDems are loving every minute of UKIP’s political insanity as Brexiteers fighting Brexiteers will only ever shine a bad light on Brexit and you can be sure the LibDems are monopolising on that stupidity. If Gerard Batten wasn’t so politically incompetent he would be telling all his members this clear fact and I know that some reading this will be screaming at their monitors saying, “Well, Nigel Farage is attacking UKIP” but once again you fail to understand political cunning, he has no choice but to distance himself from the tarnished UKIP image if he stands any chance of success in taking down the Tories and Labour and putting an end to the two-party state and guess what, whether you like it or not his plan is actually working… 100,000 members in just five weeks is clear evidence of that and Nigel could only have achieved this by distancing himself from UKIP, he is playing smart politics, nothing more.

He never asked, Gerard Batten, to get involved with Tommy Robinson on a political front  (as many know I have defended Tommy for years), in fact, Nigel has always advised otherwise because he better understands politics and the truth of the matter is that the coalition between TR & UKIP was always going to be damaging to both, that was blatantly obvious to anyone who knows politics.

On social media all, I see it UKIP attacking Nigel Farage, hundreds if not thousands of comments and I have yet to see one where UKIP have actually attacked the real enemy within, the Liberal Democrats and they are the ones who will be going all out in EU2019 to prove that more people now support Remain.

So UKIP seriously need to get their act together and start selling themselves better, UKIP was the party that got us the EU Referendum and because of that they will get my vote on May 23rd, they deserve it for that achievement and I do truly believe that the 4.4 million who voted UKIP in 2014 should do so again.

The Brexit Party is not against UKIP, they are against the Two Party state and just like UKIP against the EU and the loudest message that can be sent to both the EU and our Parliamentarians can only be sent by getting UKIP and Brexit Party placed 1st and 2nd in EU 2019. So UKIP needs to put an end to their political insanity and start campaigning all out to gain as many votes as possible on May 23rd and realise that in a PR vote having two Pro-Brexit parties is better than having just one as I explained in this article:


The EU Elections 2019 will be the deciding factor for Brexit, especially in regards to another EU Referendum so Kippers seriously need to up their game, stop being ‘Fruitcakes and Loons’ and start thinking smart politics. You will not win any favours by constantly attacking Nigel and The Brexit Party so turn your attention towards selling yourselves to the voters. If you can get 2nd place in this election it will return more Pro-Brexit MEPs than The Brexit Party could achieve alone and that will send a very clear message that Leave means Leave and it will also be a very strong indicator to those parliamentarian that will be voting on Theresa May’s so-called deal for the 4th time, if Remain come out on top in EU2019, I strongly suspect that deal (which is not a deal it is a change of treaty) will be accepted and then we will be in a far worse place than we were had Remain won the EU Referendum, on that you can have no doubt whatsoever…

My advice to the floating Brexiteer voter who is not sure whether to vote UKIP or The Brexit Party, I would say vote UKIP. It seems 1st place is a foregone conclusion but we need to get  UKIP placed 2nd for the maximum return of Pro-Brexit MEPs and to send the loudest message.

Just remember, you are not voting for the party that will give us the best MEPs, you are voting for Democracy in an election that should not even be happening here in the UK, so vote wisely on May 23rd.


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