Yesterday, approximately 1,000 illegal migrants crossed the English Channel from northern France. Given the staggering numbers we’ve seen over the past two years, we now live in a country where there is a de facto right to land on our shores from just about anywhere, avail instantly of goodies provided by our long-suffering taxpayers, face a negligible prospect of removal and, most importantly, rely on the powerful voices of celebrity and political cliques to champion such actions on an indefinite basis. Let it be said these cliques would never experience the multitudinous negative consequences of mass illegal migration. For they live in areas and enjoy lifestyles far removed from the ramifications of people trafficking: The increased chances of terrorism; the strain on local infrastructure; the cultural incompatibility of many, etc. These are people whose desire to play the unquestionable moral arbiters of our day far outweigh their understanding of the concerns of ordinary citizens over a situation involving the appalling porosity of our external borders.

Hilary Mantel is just the latest celebrity to buy into this tired and insulting mindset. She’s on the cusp of taking up Irish citizenship and moving to the Republic due to what she calls our shameful treatment of migrants and, of course, her refusal to reconcile herself to the fact the ‘little people’ were responsible for trashing her European dream. This ‘shameful treatment’ of people who, lest we forget, arrive on these shores illegally (thus making a mockery of our border security) includes housing them in 4-star hotels, providing them with sustenance and warmth, as well as legal representation in order to maximise their chances of remaining here. If that amounts to cruelty, goodness knows what Mantel imagines kindness to be!

What is ironic about Mantel’s quest to flee these supposedly xenophobic shores is that Ireland is her chosen destination. Britain’s closest neighbour is now a land where the political apologists for one of the most violent and nasty human rights abusers on the planet hold a commanding poll lead over established parties – and all in the name of blood and soil nationalism. Then again, Mantel once wrote a short story imagining Margaret Thatcher being assassinated by the IRA. Therefore she might make the perfect companion for the numerous luvvies of south Dublin as they opine on the supposed lurch towards nationalism in the UK without the remotest sense of self-awareness. It might even make Mantel safe from criticism – or worse – should the Sinn Fein proxies for the Provisional IRA ever saunter into power there.

To be honest I’m rather sick of celebrities, whose very mediocrity is barely concealed by their narcissism, attempting a virtue-signalling moral crusade each time the broader electorate takes a contrary view to their own values. What does someone like Mantel know about the impact of people invading our Kent coast? She currently lives over 200 miles away in the West Country ‘by the sea’. Is there a endless stream of illegals coming ashore at Salcombe? Or Sidmouth? Or Fowey? No of course not! Mantel can therefore pontificate about the practice of illegal migration precisely because she has no prospect of ever being affected by it!

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