I remember stating from the offset that it could only ever end in a No Deal Brexit and I was ridiculed at first for even contemplating it but that fact remains that the EU simply could no ever offer Britain a mutually beneficial deal because that would have only enticed 27 other member states to follow our lead. That was blatantly obvious to anyone with a bit of political nous. I even wrote an article sometime back saying that Theresa May could well be playing a blinder and on reflection I honestly cannot see how she could have delivered a No Deal Brexit, any other way than by clicking the can down the road and letting the exit negotiations clock simply run out and that is exactly what she has done.

Now I am personally no fan of the Tories but I do admire clever political gameplay and credit to Theresa May because she has not once faltered in her attempt to deliver what the people voted for, though at times it certainly has seemed she was losing the plot.


For those who still ardently believe she has been a Remainer all along and out to scupper Brexit, surely if that is what she wanted to do then all that was needed was to put No Deal on the table at the start knowing full well that Parliament would have rejected it but she didn’t, she finally put it before parliament as an advisory once it had passed the point of no return and I think that was done purely to give Labour enough rope to hang themselves, which they certainly did.

So as we enter the final week of the Article 50 exit negations I know it will be the longest week of Brexit and Remainers will continue to do everything they possibly can to thwart Brexit, they even have a petition running at the moment to Revoke Article 50 and is has received at time of writing it over 2.7 million signatures and in the usual Remainer fashion this proves to them that Brexit must be stopped.

However, that particular petition has over 50% invalid signatures so really it has been signed by 1.2 million UK Remainers and considering that 16 million voted Remain on June 23rd 2016, does that mean that 15 million no longer support Remain?

I fail to see what they are really getting so excited about but figuring out the mindset of Remainers has always been a chore for me at the best of times but as I have made this statement I suppose I had better provide proof…

This is the Revoke Article 50 Petition

This is a live data feed showing the number of votes from each UK constituency Live data feed

If you copy and paste the live data into a spreadsheet and total the number of signatures you will see that less than 50% of the totals displayed on the petition are actually a valid signature. Don’t bother telling me I am wrong as the figures speak for themselves and let’s be honest, for that petition to have any real meaning it would need to have more than 17.4 million signatures to counter the number of Leave votes in 2016. So it is a nonsense petition and Remain loses yet again but I suspect by now most Remainers are more than used to getting it wrong in regards to Brexit.

So what is going to happen in this final week of Brexit?

Well, the most crucial element as far as the UK is concerned and the reason why I believe Theresa May intends to deliver on Brexit is that on June 26th 2018 the Withdrawal Bill was passed in parliament and that then became an Act of Parliament which means it is UK law. In that Act it clearly states that ‘Exit Day’ is March 29th 2019 and at 11 pm that day, the European Communities Act 1972 that took us into the EEC and keeps us tied to the EU will be automatically repealed by that Act and that will sever all ties and obligations to the EU. With just a week to go there is no way that Act can be repealed so on March 29th 2019 I will be in my local celebrating Brexit and at 11 pm I will cheers as that ECA 1972 is repealed. It seems to me that Theresa May has played the EU, Labour and Remain to successfully delivers the No Deal Brexit that people voted for on June 23rd 2016. All we have ever wanted from the EU is a trade deal and as per the rules of the Lisbon Treaty that trade deal could never be negotiated until we are no longer a member of the EU but rest assured they will want to make a trade deal as quickly as possible after the ECA 1972 has been repealed.

As for us mere mortals we can look forward to cheaper goods in our shops, a thriving economy, more foreign investment and a much brighter future for Britain and as all of this materialises Remainers will finally start to realise just how wrong they were, though the most ardent of them will undoubtedly be ridiculed for a very long time to come, especially celebrities that never really had a clue about the EU in the first place. Already this past week we have seen what Britain After Brexit is going to be like…

  • BAE to create 100 jobs in Brough…
  • Citizen opens new £3m facility…
  • Toyota to build a new model in Derby…
  • Hyster-Vale to invest £5m in Craigavon…
  • Rolls-Royce wins major Taiwanese engine deal…£165m 
  • Woodhouse Colliery to create 500 jobs in Cumbria

All “despite Brexit”… If only Remainers had had a little more faith in Britain’s capabilities they could have saved themselves a lot of heartache and frustration and us Leavers a lot of headaches from trying to point out the obvious to them.

Britain is on the dawn of a much better and brighter future outside the confines of the EU and that is something I do intend to celebrate on March 29th 2019.