Patrick Van Roy

When the dust settles, and it will settle because like it or not the final judge on all of this will be the American People, using the Letter of The Law and nothing else. Unlike the violent protestors of the left. The Right wants this settled peacefully.

The Goal of this sham Committee is to stop Donald Trump from running for a second term, everything revolves from there. Their methods to attempt to achieve this are Unique and desperate. Yet they press forward, the Law, Due Process, The Constitution be damned.  They will either block him Legally, or by Smear, they care not which.

The only factor that matters is what will these people do when they say he is ineligible and a third of the country says FU ? Not only says FU, but demands that it be decided by the Letter of the Law whether he can, or can not run for office.

I’m posting a Video that explains the case from the perspective that a third of the country views it from. I advise you to pay attention, but sadly I doubt that most of you will bother to view it. You are being driven by pure emotion not Law. I say this not to insult anyone, so please don’t take it that way. I say it because that is how the MSM and the Democrats have presented their case. They have NO FACTS, the have NO INSURECTION, all the have is their hate and ability to manipulate you emotionally.

The clip is by Mark Levin, he breaks the entire thing down. As I said you can dismiss this point of view as you choose, for whatever reason you choose. However this view represents over a third of the People in the United States… this is the view that those people will give their support to. When they say FU to both the Politicians and the Press he can run, how will the one third that support that Democrat & MSM view that he can’t react ?

That is the ONLY question that matters, it will dictate everything.

In the meantime for education purpose here is the case and position the one third on the right will put their full support behind.


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