Donald Trump has again floated the prospect of a third run for the Presidency of USA, in the year 2024 in a new interview, and promised his fans that he’ll hold more rallies “relatively soon” to drum up support for GOP to return back to power. The interview has been blacklisted completely by the social media. They do not want to take his name, as if he is an evil force of the world!

While Trump initially kept low profile after departing the White House, nor attending the inauguration of the new President, nor seen along with the current and former Presidents during the 9/11 function in New York, for Florida, he has made a growing number of statements and public appearances in the recent weeks. Sitting down to an interview with his daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, the former President got straight down to brass tacks.

Asked whether he’d run again in the year 2024, Trump replied, “you do have hope, that I can tell you.” A straight reply from his heart, which was gulped down by his fans with new zeal, hope and vigour. After talking of his achievements and claiming that Democrats utilised a “third-world country voting system”, worse than Afghanistan where Ghani got just 3% votes and sworn in as excellency President, to push President Joe Biden over the line to victory, Trump told listeners that he would hold one of his signature campaign-style rallies in the near future.

“In fact, we’re thinking about doing one relatively soon just to let everybody know that there’s hope in the future,” he said. His message was loud and clear, that Don is alive and in the race. Should Trump follow through and make an attempt at retaking the White House, these rallies would be instrumental in that effort. In the closing stages of the 2020 campaign, he held multiple rallies every day for weeks on end, at one point putting in five appearances in five states in 24 hours. A great energy level to beat his opponents, both the Democrats and the social media.

A presence on social media would also be essential. Before and during his Presidency, Trump relied on platforms like Twitter to communicate with the public directly, and often to attack the media for its negative coverage. However, Trump was banned from every major social media platform after his supporters rioted on Capitol Hill on 6th January, 2021, with the technology companies or the GAFA gang blaming the event on the Trump’s rhetoric.

In his typical fashion, Trump described Twitter as having become “boring” without him, telling Lara that people were allegedly leaving the platform in droves. Twitter is always on war with the Indian authorities. Though Trump launched an official political website, and has a social media platform of his own in the works, his excommunication from the digital sphere remains a serious obstacle to reaching the public beyond his dedicated supporters. Lara Trump’s interview, for example, was not posted to YouTube, but to Rumble, a free-speech focused alternative. YouTube has deleted other interviews with Trump, and outrightly banned any videos claiming that the 2020 election was fraudulent. A sad situation in a country, where every other person talks about free speech!

In an Instagram post, Lara Trump revealed that the interview had been pulled from Facebook and Instagram, as it apparently violated the ban imposed on Trump in January. An email from Facebook, shared by Lara, stated that “further content posted in the voice of Donald Trump will be removed and result in additional limitations on the accounts.”

As Joe Biden’s Presidency implodes, polling shows former President Donald Trump would trounce Biden in a 2024 rematch. Rasmussen Reports, a right wing news portal, one of the country’s most accurate pollsters, shows that should Trump choose to run again in 2024, he would obliterate Joe Biden by a margin of 51% to 41%. Trump would also beat Kamala Harris by a healthy margin of 52% to 39%, if Biden steps down in between to make way for Kamala to lead the nation and Democrat party.

On the overall question of whether or not it’s a good idea for Trump to run again, a plurality of 48% said yes, while 44% said no. In 2024, if Trump is in good health, I personally think he would be crazy not to run again.

Firstly, he’s guaranteed to win the Republican nomination hands down. Other than a sitting President, who has ever been in a position like that? And being in that position means Trump automatically has a 50/50 chance of becoming His Excellency President again.

Who can look away from those odds? Secondly, Trump would make history. He would be the first defeated President to win absolution through a rematch, to win back the Oval Office. Thirdly many EU nations of the world would like a Potus, who can be trusted and control Islamisation of the world. Whether the world like it or not, support to Israel is the best safeguard against the Muslim idealology of ‘dhimmitude.’ Muslims fail to do their duty but harp on their rights and do not contribute in nation building and economy. Migrants from Lebanon are creating issues and Denmark embark upon deporting Syrians back to their nation and FAMY nations deported Afghans during the August crisis.

Finally, I have never in my life seen a President, most especially one who lost re-election, hold on to his base of support the way Trump has. Backpackers have enjoyed month-long camping trips, which have taken them through more than a dozen states, and Trump flags and banners and “Fuck Joe Biden” flags are still everywhere. This was complained by Joe in his 9/11 speech. This is unprecedented. This level of loyalty, of support for Trump, is simply mind-blowing. Of course, Trump’s most significant advantage in a 2024 match-up is Biden’s god-awful pile of spectacular failures: the China virus, the border, the Haiti issue, Afghanistan pull back, the insults to France, the economy, his domestic agenda, energy prices and much more. And all of those failures are not crises that befell the Biden administration. These are not hurricanes or terrorist attacks.

Nope, each of these crises directly results from Biden’s enfeebled mind, his terrible judgment, his left-wing extremism, and his sociopathic lack of empathy. There is only one caveat I would add to all this good news. Trump is undoubtedly benefitting by the fact he is no longer in our face 24/7. The fascists victimhood claimers in the fake media and the Nazis who control Big Tech have outright blacklisted him. Personally, I believe this is to Trump’s benefit. Even if you support him, he can be exhausting. But, of course, that’s not all his fault. A lot of the chaos around him was manufactured by the fake media, but plenty of it was his fault.

So, were he to run again, and if he’s learned nothing from his past mistakes, the exhausting Trump Show will return, and that would not be to his benefit. But if it were a fair campaign based only on their records as President, The Donald would lay waste to Slow Joe in a horrific landslide. As far as Kamala Harris is concerned, Trump could beat her without even campaigning. She’s a total lightweight, who didn’t win a single vote in the 2020 Democrat primary because she was forced to drop off before the voting began.

Trump decried the digital blackout during his interview, but claimed that he’s managing to “get the word out” just fine with press releases. Moreover, 54% of the Republican voters favour Trump for the year 2024, according to a poll published recently. Former vice president Mike Pence came in a distant second with 12%.

May the good days return to the world again!

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