For Elton John, ‘sorry’ seemed to be the hardest word. For those in the elected ranks of Sinn Fein, it’s one of the easiest. The pattern of behaviour from these monsters is now following a familiar pattern: Deliberately cause outrage by posting the most obscene comment or photo that you can; wait until there has been sufficient public reaction to keep you in the spotlight; then formulate an apology so half-hearted, it only fools the most dedicated and sclerotic republican acolytes.
Our most recent Shinner comes in the form of Brian Stanley. Elected in this February’s Irish General Election (when 24% of the Republic’s electorate chose to check in their consciences at the front door of the polling stations), Stanley managed – in one foul (I use that word deliberately) swoop – to denigrate the memory of the 18 soldiers killed whilst travelling within the borders of their own country. That last point needs to be re-emphasised, because it would appear that Sinn Fein are as far from accepting the fundamental Principle of Consent today as they were 22 years ago at the time of the Belfast Agreement.

Whilst the EU elite constantly draw attention to the likes of Hungary and Poland for supposedly embracing ‘extreme’ politics, they are strangely silent about the Irish Republic – a country where a party inextricably linked to armed and active terrorists (who continue many of their operations against rivals) is now the official Opposition.

The intention of Sinn Fein across the island of Ireland in general, but in the Republic in particular, is to gain governmental office with a view to wreaking political havoc cross-border. They don’t accept constitutional reality; they certainly don’t accept any form of stability in either jurisdiction because stability is anathema to their ultimate objectives. There is no way the Belfast Agreement could survive in its present form were we ever to be confronted with the horror of a Taoiseach McDonald. Perhaps those EU groupies who consistently castigate the UK government for its alleged ‘breaches of good faith’ with respect to domestic Brexit legislation, would have something to say about the continued popularity of those who are linked to, justify and excuse armed terrorists. However, I won’t hold my breath.

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