Readers may remember that, during the migrant crisis, the Swedish government cut the pensions of its senior citizens in order to help fund the lives of the so-called ‘New Swedes’. Despite record levels of social care costs and an increasing number of elderly people finding themselves homeless, the Swedish liberal-left were relentless in pushing through this policy.

It comes as no surprise then that the Swedish government, which prides itself on being ‘progressive’ and ‘tolerant’, has had to apologise for allowing hundreds of elderly people to die in care homes during the current Coronavirus pandemic.

We failed to protect our elderly. That’s really serious, and a failure for society as a whole.

This rather withering statement came after a media investigation showed that the government had essentially allowed the virus to spread throughout the care sector without any proper response.

And then a few days later, as if to rub salt into the wound, all the parties in the Swedish Parliament – except the Sweden Democrats – voted to bail out Somalia by paying its IMF (International Monetary Fund) debt. Despite consistently refusing to pay both its debt or interest repayments, the loan is being justified as a means by which the African country can borrow even more in the future.

This is particularly ironic, because studies from Statistiska Centralbyran show that the Somali community in Sweden has both the lowest employment rate (67% of the community were living on state handouts in 2014 and had never worked), and the highest crime rate (1/5 of young men from the community have been suspected of a violent crime by 2018). So it’s not exactly clear what Sweden will be getting in return for their goodwill gesture, apart from perhaps the word ‘gullible’ added to their national motto.

It is sad that the politically correct establishment in Stockholm can pay the equivalent of 21 million Kronor to an African country during a global recession, yet somehow cannot provide care for their own elderly population. Imagine paying into a system all your life, and yet during the one crisis where you need something back, the government instead throws that help half way around the world.

This kind of thinking is all too common in the modern Western world, and shows no sign of going away anytime soon, as Sweden has recently voted to raise the retirement age from the current 61 years up to 67 years by 2026, with former Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt suggesting it should be raised even further to the age of 75. He attempted to back up this idea by alleging that mass immigration will help to pay for pensions, despite a 2017 report by Sweden’s own pension authority, the Pensionsmyndigheten, finding that refugees have caused the cost of pensions to double.

There’s never a logical day in ‘woke’ Scandinavia.


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