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‘IRELAND is not planning for border on the island in the event of a hard Brexit, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said.
The Taoiseach is adamant that even if the UK crashes out of the European Union in March 2019, a border will not be erected.

A ‘no deal’ scenario could see World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules apply which would introduce tariffs on goods and services crossing between the Republic and Northern Ireland.

But Mr Varadkar insisted today that a physical border is not an option.

“That will just never happen, ever,” he said.’

These were passages and quotes in an article by Kevin Doyle, which appeared in the Irish Independent on June 11th, 2018. On the McCann Scale of Deceit, it was a whopper right up there with Tom Courtenay’s Billy Fisher character in a certain sixties classic. Not only has there been an international frontier on the island for 99 years and counting, it is a border I have crossed myself several times and been stopped by the Republic’s customs and Garda personnel on two of them.

This notion that the border is unrestricted at all times was a piece of propaganda right up there with something Michael Moore might make a film about. Nevertheless, Remainers during the Brexit process even convinced themselves than an open border 24/7 was an integral part of the Belfast Agreement! To introduce checks on the border under any circumstances ‘would be a breach of an international treaty’ they bellowed. So bellicose were they in the defence of the EU position, Boris even agreed to meet to a mechanism where limited checks would be placed in the UK’s own internal market!

What rot! I have friends in Northern Ireland who, when travelling to Dublin Airport for a flight, have had their passports examined at a border checkpoint. I myself remember queuing to drive across the border during the foot and mouth epidemic in 2001 (three years after the Belfast Agreement was signed!); and now the Garda have introduced checkpoints to limit cross-border travel because of the Coronavirus outbreak. So tell me: Where is this treaty contravention?

The border Remainers told us could never be policed is now being policed. Never, repeat ‘never’, trust the word of an ardent EU sycophant. It they told me today was Saturday, I’d check the calendar just to make sure.

The checkpoints are part of new regulations brought into force on Tuesday in the Republic of Ireland