By Chris Morrison

May 1st 2018

Fiddles out – everyone is looking on as the elites sign up to misery, disease and human destruction as envisaged by a bunch of odious deluded Marxists called Extinction Rebellion.

We did warn:

“Next Monday April 15 a group of hard left, anti-democratic, violent, drug fuelled narcissistic revolutionaries will take to the streets in a co-ordinated plan to block as much social and commercial traffic as possible. The ultimate aim according to UK organiser Roger Hallam is to cause food shortages and “once that happens the regime will fall”.

Well, Roger didn’t get his food shortages – the only such shortages occurring in his failed organic farming days – but his friends did get to meet Michael Gove who declared that he was “ready to act on the climate and ecological emergency”.

On the Labour side, sociology graduate and – Heaven help us – shadow business minister Rebecca Long Bailey set down a motion for Parliament to debate said climate emergency.

Climate emergency is what all the fashionable people are touting these days. As always, Green MP Caroline Lucas was ahead of the game having announced one in February after a couple of warm early spring days.

In Scotland Nicola Sturgeon also declared one but perhaps not the type envisaged by the local Institution of Engineers and Shipbuilders. Last year it warned that Scottish and UK government green energy policy was likely to lead to severe electricity blackouts. Such events, it warned, “lead to death, severe societal and industrial disruption, civil disturbance and loss of production”.

You might have missed this alarming report in the mainstream media on the understandable grounds that it wasn’t reported. On the other hand, in 2014 the Guardian ran a massive puff relaying the then Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond’s view that Scotland’s energy resources can power much of Europe. Scotland, he said, no doubt to raucous applause, “could be the Saudi Arabia of renewables”.

The delusion that unreliable expensive renewables are going to provide all our energy needs by 2050 is now endemic throughout the liberal elites.

Having a reasonable scientific discussion about how much man-made CO2 is warming the atmosphere is becoming impossible. Many distinguished scientists believe that natural variation mainly drives climate and the introduction of CO2, also know as plant food, is largely benign. They note that CO2 levels in the atmosphere are currently low with the trace gas having been at least 20 times higher in the past.

But of course, we all know that the science is “settled” – we would rather listen to a Swedish schoolgirl’s “black and white” views than those of a rational scientist. For the first time in history, humans think they can stop the climate changing. The current world temperature is around 59F – not a degree more, not a degree less – is the fashionable claptrap du jour.

Those of a suspicious mind might detect another agenda at work here. We might, for instance, heed the words of the late Christine Stewart, the former Canadian Minister of the environment, who said;

” “No matter if the science of global warming is all phony – climate change provides the greatest opportunity to bring about justice and equality in the world”

We might also note the words of Professor Stephen Schneider, Stanford Professor of Climatology and lead author of a number of IPCC reports:

” .. we need to get some broad based support to capture the public’s imagination … So we have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified, dramatic statements and make little mention of any doubts … Each of us has to decide what the right balance is between being effective and being honest”.

And we need to pay attention to XR itself whose spokesman Stuart Basden rather let the cat out of the bag when he noted that “Extinction Rebellion isn’t about the climate”. For Basden, as we reported two weeks ago, climate breakdown is a symptom of an infected toxic system based on white supremacy, patriarchy, Eurocentrism, heterosexism/heteronormativity and class hierarchy.

XR has nothing to do with climate whatever its legions of deluded supporters, from Government ministers to trust fund layabouts, think. It is a “pathway to the revolution” as described by Roger Hallam. It seeks to destroy capitalism and a way of life that would be the envy of 99.9% of people who have ever lived on Planet Earth.

Truly the likes of Michael Gove and energy boss Claire Perry are ministers in a Conservative In Name Only government.

In the meantime, we count the mounting cost of the “green” revolution. Oil and gas still provide 85% of the world’s energy requirements just as they did 100 years ago. Across the world, the misallocation of resources to hopeless green energy schemes runs into trillions of dollars. The result is soaring energy costs – costs that hit the poor in society the hardest.

In the developing world, the rich tell the poor to rely on solar and wind power and the poor continue to die early and live in grinding poverty.

Everybody knows that battery technology is stuck in the 20th, if not 19th century and there is no breakthrough for storing energy cheaply in sight. Everybody knows that hydrogen is too expensive to produce on a commercial basis. Everybody knows that we are losing the will to frack gas and will have to follow the Germans down their path of self-indulgence and buy our supplies from our friends in the Kremlin.

Across the EU a quarter of all the gas supplies come from Russia.

In the UK we sit on vast gas reserves in the North of England. Exploiting the fields would bring increased prosperity to both the area and the rest of the country.

The average annual wage in many towns in the North is barely £20,000. The average annual salary of a Greenpeace activist measuring unmeasurable earthquakes is £40,000.

Go figure.

Why it is almost as if the Russians have never stopped spending hundreds of millions of dollars to destabilise the West – just like they used to do in the good old days.

As for the deluded elites – well it is proving difficult to sound a realism wake up call at the moment – they are having far too much fun sleeping with the eco-enemy.