Another day in Merkel’s brave new world.

Several people have been killed in the city of Muenster, in western Germany, after a van drove into pedestrians. The driver of the vehicle has killed himself, police said, without providing further details. They are not looking for more suspects. About 30 people are reported injured in the incident, which occurred near the Kiepenkerl statue in the old town. Some are said to be in a serious condition.

Three points.

  • The van was DRIVEN into pedestrians by a maniac yet the legacy media choose to almost suggest that the van drives itself! Why can’t the press be more honest? Why are they afraid to state this was a terrorist attack on German soil?
  • The terrorist killed himself yet no details are provided. What are the German Police hiding? Care to bet that the cuplrit will prove to be part of the enrichment?
  • Is there any limit to the deaths that Germany will tolerate in order to facilitate Merkel’s open borders and immigration without limit agenda?

Here’s an unvarnished truth for you. Merkel doesn’t care. She will sacrifice as many of her citizens as required. Germany will yet burn as radical Islam asserts itself and the body bag count will increase.