Back in February, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn weighed in on the Islamic State terrorist Shamima Begum issue. He insisted that not only has she a right to return to Britain but that she deserves “support”. (For “support” read “more of your taxes”) Corbyn’s former lover Labour MP Diane Abbott also insisted that the “IS Bride” must be allowed back to the UK. We also had conservative deserter Anna Soubry tweeting in March that we must bring Shamima Begum home.


Meanwhile, actor Danny Dyer opined that Shamima Begum should be brought home so “we can learn from it”.

Against this background, the Sunday Telegraph reports today;

Shamima Begum, the Bethnal Green schoolgirl, served in the Islamic State’s “morality police” and also tried to recruit other young women to join the jihadist group.


There is more…

Activist Aghiad al-Kheder added: “Members of our group from Raqqa knew her well. There were lots of young European women in the hisba [ISIS morality police]. Some of them were very harsh and the local population became very scared.

He claimed she earned between £500 and £1,500 a month for the role and is likely to have ordered the imprisonment and lashing of women in Syria.

The jihadi bride also stitched explosive vests on to suicide bombers, spy chiefs have claimed. Begum was reportedly seen helping to sew the devices on so they could not be removed without detonation.

In summary, and as AltNewsMedia has repeatedly claimed, Begum is a battle-hardened Jihadi who played an important role in the brutal Islamic State regime. Those who demanded that she be returned to the UK must now explain why they would endanger our lives by having Begum here,

Begum is a repulsive terrorist and the best thing the UK could do would be to send a well-armed drone her way so that one less terrorist walks this earth.