At this time of pandemic crisis in the UK, all our eyes on the NHS as courageous front line staff risk their lives treating patients with the China Virus. Across the UK, millions of people living in lockdown turn out on almost nightly basis to applaud the NHS staff. That’s a good thing. However, we must not be uncritical of everyone working in the NHS and particularly when we see quite overt glorification of the truly wicked tyrannical Chinese Communist Party.

A few days ago, I sent the Tweet below. As you can see, I plainly offer my support to the people of Taiwan and Hong Kong in their struggles with Communist China.

Meet Dr Philip Lee. He is an NHS doctor.

He has sent many tweets, by way of example, which indicate a historical based animosity towards the UK, and an allegiance to Chinese state interests. I wondered in a subsequent tweet if in the event of China hostilities, how many (Chinese) UK citizens would conduct actions here based on Beijing’s instructions? These are perfectly reasonable questions to ask, all in the public interest.

Here are a few of Dr Lee’s anti-British pro-China Communist Party tweets.

When challenged, he suggests this was “a joke” – although seeking the destruction of Parliament and the invasion of China is a curious form of humour. Here is another of his jokes…

As you can see, when England were knocked out of the World Cup, Dr Philip Lee’s response was to suggest that China will buy up English football. Someone then replied to him  “Revenge for Opium Wars” and Hong Kong born Dr Lee liked the tweet. Dr Lee’s FBPE followers insist nothing should be read into these constant anti-British “jokes” – he is just japing.

Here is another of his strong opinions…

In his view the UK is guilty of “ethnic cleansing” in Gibraltar (7 sq km), and this is comparable to China’s extraordinary human rights abuses in Tibet (1.22 million sq km). 

When Dr Lee was challenged by me, his response was to use his status as an NHS doctor to try and shut down my criticism of totalitarian China. This is very concerning if one discovers whitewashing of China’s crimes eg Hong Kong disappearances.

Here is ANOTHER of Dr Lee’s pro-CCP tweets.

Readers may be aware that a Chinese property company, presumably on orders from the CCP, bought up virtually all of Australia’s protective gear and shipped it to China. This happened in many other countries. Now the Chinese are either selling it to Europe etc, or gifting it for propaganda purposes, or sending defective gear. Dr Lee clearly could be seen to assist in this propaganda.

Dr Lee has blocked me, refusing to answer any of the questions posed. However, curiously, a legion of Dr Lee’s online supporters appeared on my timeline, demanding that I be banned from Twitter for being a “racist”. Quite how this can read into my support for Taiwanese and Hong Kong people is difficult to understand! However it appears that one must not question the pro CCP tweets of Dr Lee. And that’s the real substance of what has been happening.

I was then taken to task by another NHS doctor. Meet Dr Alex Gates. Dr. Gates states in his bio that he is a “Never Tory” and as you can see has also claimed that the government are “literally murderers’

I have asked the General Medical Council if someone with such publicly stated extreme political hatred is fit to practice? I await a response.

And still, the NHS doctors came for me.

Meet Dr Daniel Growcott. Here. he accuses me of “racism” and insists that I must delete my tweet supporting Taiwan and Hong Kong.

In every case, the modus operandi is the same. Any criticism of the many pro China Communist Party tweets by Dr Lee is deemed “racist” and those who make it should be “banned” from social media. In China, of course, this is exactly what would happen! Luckily, we don’t live in China.

I reiterate my fulsome support for NHS Doctors and other frontline staff at this time but I also repeat my deep concerns that there are some who use the shield of an NHS uniform to spew out vile anti-British pro-CCP propaganda. They must be held to account and the GMC has an obligation to investigate their public communications!