OK, we seem to have reached peak Nanny State Covid intrusion level with the announcement today that people play quizzes rather than board games are one of the recommendations from “scientists” for a Covid-safe Christmas. What??

The BBC faithfully parrots their guidance that children “should meet their grandparents outside where possible” (How lovely on a cold dank December day, are they trying to kill Granny?) and that parents should “be aware of the risk of spreading the virus by board games which involve lots of shared pieces “- maybe try quiz games instead.

For extra comedic effect, they warn that no single measure will guarantee that Christmas is risk-free.

Have you had enough of this yet? If not, I guarantee you that this will encourage them to come up with even more outlandish thoroughly unscientific garbage. Where is the EVIDENCE that Covid is spread by playing board games? Isn’t this just more of the junk “science” served up by “behavioural scientists” to further alter our behaviour? One could equally suggest that pulling crackers is dangerous as the virus could suddenly be dispersed all over the room! And if playing quizzes, as is suggested, isn’t the touching of quiz cards dangerous? Put down your quiz cards, abandon your board games, go and hide under the stairs from the deadly virus.

Lets cut to the chase. This is not about virus control. It is about people control. It is about further removing any joy from a family Christmas and if we indulge them by going along with it then they will be motivated to suck even more joy from our lives. Enough,

The BEST thing we can do this Christmas is to play quizzes AND board games; to meet our elderly relatives INDOORS and to start living our lives again free from fear!

These scientists suggest that even if we do follow their outlandish advice, they cannot guarantee a risk-free Festive season. Well, I have news for them. Life is all about risk. We must not live in a cotton-wool cocoon. Even Santa breaks the rule of six by having eight reindeer. And can you imagine how many of his Elves shun social distancing? We enter a season where joy, not fear, must prevail.