Studies reveal that the top countries around the world for being charitable and give the most to good causes are Western, with the USA topping the list, followed by Canada and New Zealand.

The UK comes in at fourth, topping all other EU countries, as reported here

This is individual giving as opposed to state aid.

There is often debate around foreign aid. In the UK, many express dismay at millions sent abroad to countries that have space programs and nuclear weapons, while people at home sleep on the streets. The Government recently revealed that it cannot even track the foreign aid money effectively. It merely ticks a box to spend 0.7% of GDP. This is a system in great need of overhaul and scrutiny. There can be little doubt that some of this money falls into the wrong hands.

However, many people personally give to good causes through their own personal convictions to do good. Major charities have themselves received criticism about their behaviour, prompting many to bypass them, but the generosity of people cannot be denied and should be applauded.

Americans give close to a staggering $400 billion to charity each year.

Despite the anger of David Lammy, churches and various groups raise thousands to help children in Africa is desperate need of education, water and medication. This isn’t paid by the tax payer, and undoubtedly many lives are improved by this selfless work. Quite why Lammy has an issue with it is baffling, accusing charity workers of being ‘white saviours’ but we stopped trying to work out his morality a long time ago.

Further studies show that Conservatives are significantly more likely to give to charity than liberals, as reported here

Despite liberal families averaging up to 6% higher incomes on average in America, when it comes to helping others, those that lean on the left seem to prefer talking about how virtuous they are, rather than acting on it.

The reports will of course surprise few with a knowledge of right wing / Western mindsets versus the left and cultures that lack empathy for others. It does beg the question though, if ever Western nations were in great need of help, would the world fundraise and support to the extent seen from Western nations?

Despite constant criticism and anger, Western Conservatives are a major force for good, helping many both at home and abroad.

The conclusion to be drawn from the statistics is that the most generous people on the planet are American Right Wingers.

We applaud you.