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The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, is damaging not only the Royal Family but also his own reputation within the British military. Even as he prepares a showdown with the rest of the Royal Family later today, news has emerged that is deeply troubling.

Social Media is replete with a cringeworthy video clip of Prince Harry attending the London premiere of “The Lion King” and begging the Disney CEO Bob Iger for a voice-over role for his wife, Meghan Markle.

Now, this would be bad enough were it not for the fact that the Prince had chosen to snub a Royal Marines memorial service pencilled in for the same date so that he could be at this Lion King event. All about priorities, right?

The 30th anniversary of an IRA bomb which stole the lives of 11 Royal Marine musicians will be marked with a concert on Walmer Green on Sunday. The Band of HM Royal Marines are expected to play to tens of thousands of people who will gather to pay their respects in Deal. Among the crowd will be residents whose memories have never faded of the morning which shook the seaside town to the core.”


Whilst the glitzy lights of a West End Disney movie premier may have more appeal for some than attending a solemn ceremony to mark the loss of so many young lives, the Prince is not JUST anyone. He has served honourably in uniform and carries a clear obligation towards his former brothers-in-arms. Such is his infatuation with Meghan Markle, however, that he now prefers to go begging for voice-overs for her from Chief Executives of large media organisations and that means the Royal Marines get the cold shoulder.

The details were reported in the press last year — but went below radar. We can now join up the dots.

“The 34-year-old had been invited to a memorial concert for the Royal Marines held annually in Deal, Kent, but opted to be Meghan’s plus one at the celerity-flanked bash, which saw the American gush over A-list pals Beyonce and Jay Z. A spokeswoman from Buckingham Palace, who now manages the Duke and Duchess of Sussex after they split from Kensington Palace, said: “The Duke’s diary is set a number of months in advance and on this occasion he was unable to attend the memorial concert.”

It may have been no big deal for Prince Harry to go to Deal but others may conclude that his fall from grace is all but complete. And that really is a big deal for the Royal Prince and his showbiz wife.

David Vance

David Vance used to be disgusted but now he tries to be amused! Editor of BiasedBBC.org and ATangledWeb.org, he has appeared on all forms of legacy media but has had enough of that! In the battle for truth and liberty, he prefers the front line. Join our fight back here on AltNewsMedia and subscribe to the platform.

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