With the recent by-election in Peterborough ending in a Labour Party victory, the mainstream media were quick to latch on to the Left’s success and refused to ask any awkward questions. The entire by-election campaign had a dark cloud hanging over it the entire time, but it is only now that mainstream newspapers like the Daily Mail are beginning to report on it. However, they are either deliberately not mentioning certain details, or are just ignorant and haven’t done their homework.

If I had been a journalist in the mainstream media reporting on the result, I would have been quick to point out that the postal vote return in the town was 69%. I would also then inquire as to why an anti-fraud scheme was recently dropped by Peterborough’s council. But most importantly, I would look into why Tariq Mahmood, a man convicted of voter fraud 11 years ago, was still involved with the local Labour Party at the time of the campaign. Just last year, he called Home Secretary Sajid Javid a ‘coconut’, which is a euphemism used in the Asian community to describe an alleged ‘race traitor’.

Both Conservative and Labour politicians in Peterborough have been convicted of electoral fraud, including the town’s first two Asian mayors, Mohammed Choudhary and Raja Akhtar. Extraordinarily, these two individuals also provided sympathetic references for Sarfraz Ali at his trial for murder. Ali was part of a gang who stabbed, bludgeoned and murdered teenager Ross Parker in a racially motivated attack in 2001. Considering that the murder took place just 10 days after the 9/11 attacks, and that some of those arrested chanted ‘Taliban, Osama’ whilst in custody, it’s clear that integration in Peterborough has not gone well.

But all of the above is only just one part of the deep political and criminal corruption in Peterborough. The grooming scandal in the town, which was revealed in 2014 and 2015, was one of the most severe cases in recent years. Eastern European and white British girls were groomed and trafficked by a mainly Asian gang. In one particularly harrowing case file, a 15 year old girl was raped in the back of a car by one member of the gang, whilst another member ‘breakdanced’ outside the vehicle in full view of what was going on. The girl became pregnant as a result of the abuse and later miscarried.

It’s not just at the local level though where corruption and rule breaking is apparent in Peterborough’s political and social life. Indeed, it is easy to forget that this same town was, just last month, the first constituency in Britain to recall their MP. Fiona Onasanya, who lied to avoid a speeding ticket and was jailed for 3 months, is currently facing the threat of being struck off as a solicitor. Even the Guardian newspaper admitted that she was ‘plucked from political obscurity’ to stand as an MP, which is a rather politically correct way of saying that she was on the Labour Party’s diversity shortlist. She was an MP for just under 2 years, and leaves behind a political legacy of little to no value.

It is difficult not to feel sorry for the residents of Peterborough, who face political corruption, grooming gangs and racial tensions. After all, the removal of one MP convicted of criminality only led to another MP being elected amid allegations of postal vote fraud. The one piece of good news is that police have just announced that they are investigating 5 allegations of malpractice relating to the by-election, so hopefully this may lead to future changes for the better. However, judging by the recent political history of the town, this sounds optimistic at best.