AltNewsMedia has been investigating the Somaliland born 122nd Lord Mayor of Sheffield, Magid Magid. Magid has been making headlines since being appointed to this largely ceremonial position by this overwhelmingly left wing Council.

On becoming Lord Mayor he was pictured squatting on a table wearing a t-shirt which stated  that “Trump is a wasteman” and declaring that the US President was ‘banned” from Sheffield. (He has no such power to ban anyone from Sheffield but the media still ran with it such is their hatred of Donald Trump)

So who exactly IS Magid Magid? What are his origins and what might drive his behaviours as Lord Mayor?

Magid Magid is a migrant/refugee from the Somaliland province of Somalia, and therefore almost certainly a member of the Ishaq tribe of Somalia.

The Somaliland refugees are a product of a Communist/Jihadist war which they themselves created. The UK left Somalia in pristine condition in 1960. Many Somalis share videos on social media of how wonderful their country was “in the old days”, how well it functioned etc. These are all videos either of the time of British governance, or immediately after (before they destroyed themselves in tribal wars).

Somalis refused to live in peace and simply get on with the job of improving their country. In 1978, the Somalis decided to make war on Ethiopia, for no other reason than jihad hatred against the communist Christian Ethiopians. The Somalis had received military training from the British, and believed they had a much stronger army than Ethiopia. So, in the Ogaden War of 1978, the Somalilanders (right next to Ethiopia) were the most enthusiastic to join the Somali jihad war against Ethiopia.

However, they made a fatal miscalculation, because the USSR gave full support to Ethiopia, and sent thousands of Cuban and Soviet troops. The USSR air force utterly destroyed Hargeisa (Somaliland capital), and vast numbers of Somalilanders were killed.

After this self-induced disaster, the Somalilanders decided they had been betrayed by the Somalis. This led to constant efforts by Somalilanders to overthrow the Somali government. In 1988, during another Somaliland uprising, the Somali government of General Siad Barre decided to send its air force to utterly destroy Hargeisa, and it was levelled to the ground. This set the stage for the Somali civil war, in which all Somali tribes (Hawiya, Ishaq, Darod, etc) fought each other.

They began firing artillery in their own capital of Mogadishu in 1992, and the entire city was quickly destroyed. This Somali civil war has continued non stop since then. Today, Somalia is fractured into various autonomous Somali provinces which hate each other. The Puntland Province in particular hates Somalilanders and sends Jihad fighters to penetrate into the area for terror attacks. The founder of Al Shabab (Al Qaeda) has just been elected President of another Somali province. All sorts of criminal gangs and terrorists control various areas. Somali terrorists launch frequent deadly attacks in Kenya, across that border. In short, these are perhaps amongst the least peaceable people in the world, and seem incapable of ending their senseless internal wars.

After destroying their own country, vast numbers of Somalis then emigrated to the UK and other wealthy Western countries. Most of them were functionally illiterate in their own language, let alone in English. Magid Magid ended up in the legendary city of Sheffield, the crucible of the science-based industrial revolution which transformed the UK into a leading world power. Magid is the Green Party (neo-Communist) Councillor for Broomhall Ward in Sheffield. This area has seen years of Somali gang violence against the Afro Carribbean youth of the area, who they consider to be kuffar (infidels).

It should be noted that Somalis were employed for centuries in transporting black slaves to Arabia, and may retain their disdain for “kuffar” blacks. Many of the black slaves being transported across Africa to Arab slave markets had originally been captured in Ghana. The Ashanti people, the ancestors of Guardian journalist Afua Hirsch, were the biggest slave masters of Africa. For centuries, they captured black slaves and either sent them to work on their gold mines (which they had stolen to begin with) or sold them as slaves to Arabs. When Europeans began arriving in Africa in the 1600s, Afua’s Ashanti ancestors began capturing even more black slaves for sale to the Europeans. The Ashanti were the main slave traders and got wealthy, and the Somalis (Magid’s ancestors) were simply used to transport the kuffar slaves in their small boats on the last leg of the journey into Arabia.

It is estimated that over 95% of Somali girls in the UK have been taken back to Somalia for clitoris slicing (FGM), an ancient Somali tradition which is supported mainly by Somali women. Most Somali mothers refuse to allow their sons to marry an “uncut” girl, because they consider it impure. This is an ultra-extreme interpretation of Islamic Sharia law, which derives from the Hadith (sayings of Prophet Mohammed) rather than the Quran. According to Hadith, clitoris slicing (FGM) is recommended, but not obligatory. As a result, the vast majority of Muslims do not slice their daughters clitoris off. However, the Somalis insist that if clitoris slicing is recommended, then it must be done anyway, and the practice continues to this day

Bizarrely, many UK Somalis have set up “FGM Charities” and effectively make a living off this barbaric practice. For example, Nimko Ali runs an FGM charity which seeks UK government funding in order to “end FGM by 2030”. This tactic ropes in gullible MPs such as Zac Goldsmith, who cynically use their appearance of compassion for FGM to offset allegations that they are racist.

In Zac’s case, he has been hounded with allegations of racism since he pointed out the jihad connections of Sadiq Khan, who has been far more concerned with “Islamophobic hate crimes” since becoming London Mayor than he has been about locking up ISIS terrorists roaming the streets of our capital city.

Somalis in the UK mostly believe that the problems in Somalia were somehow caused by the British. In fact, British rule over Somalia was the only stability the country has enjoyed in centuries.

Magid Magid appears to hold little reverence for the country which brought peace to Somalia, left it in peace, and then took in hundreds of thousands of Somalis after they began fighting each other. His constant disrespect for the emblems and insignia are reflected in his defecation squatting trademark image.

In Somalia, many people do not have toilets (what few toilets they had were destroyed in war). So the Somalis go out into the field and defecate openly. This squatting position is adopted by Somalis every day.

Magid Magid has 4 sisters, and it is likely that they have been taken back to Somalia for clitoris slicing (FGM). Whilst on his holidays back to Somalia (funded by UK welfare payments), Magid will likely have adopted the defecation squatting position many times. This is the symbolism he adopts in the council chamber of the Sheffield Lord Mayor’s office when he squats on the velvet lined table in his boots, with the portraits of Sheffield’s illustrious previous Lord Mayors looking down on him.

This is the same hostile mentality displayed by Magid when he refused to wear a traditional red poppy during Sheffield’s Remembrance Day parade, instead opting to wear the Communist inspired white poppy.

Magid’s foreign policy related comments on social media reflect the confused Jihad/Communism strand of thinking which led to Somalia’s self destruction.

At the beginning of this article we mentioned his “Trump is a wasteman” campaign. Why would he harbour such hatred towards the US President?  The principal reason for this is due to Trump’s travel ban on Somalis entering the USA. However, Magid must be well aware of the terrorist gangs proliferating in Somalia. So therefore, as the Lord Mayor of Sheffield in England, he is making foreign policy statements based on the interests of Somali terrorists being restricted from entry into the USA!

Hardcore Jihadists and Communists both hate Israel, so Magid hates Israel. Jihadis hate Israel because they believe Jews are the enemies of Allah, Communists hate Israel because it proves that the lack of development in third world countries is due to the ineptitude of those countries, rather than “the West did it”. Communist and Jihadists hate Saudi Arabia, so Magid hates Saudi Arabia.

Communists hate Saudi Arabia because the Saudis funded the 1980s Afghan war which collapsed the USSR. Jihadis hate Saudi Arabia because they consider the Saudi royal family to be infidels who enjoy drinking, gambling and womanising, rather than fighting jihad wars. Communists and Jihadists support the Houthi terrorists in Yemen, so Magid supports the Houthis. Both Communists and Jihadists support the Houthis to attack Saudi Arabia, and also support their Iranian backers because they believe Iran is the only government fighting Israel.

Yet, strangely, Magid never mentions ongoing fighting in Somalia. He never mentions Al Shabab, criminal gangs, constant car bombings in Mogadishu, massacres in Jigjigga, terrorism on the Somali-Kenya border, or much else. Why would he wish to use his platform to encourage peace making in his own country (of origin)? If he did so, it would nullify his own argument that the West which gave him and his family sanctuary is itself the source of evil. Magid never mentions the reasons why he was in trouble with the law in his youth- was he involved in Sheffield’s Somali gangs? He also never mentions what happened to his father- is it possible that he might have been a jihad terrorist who was killed in the Somali wars? The British media is so consumed by “white guilt” that it doesn’t even think to examine these questions.

AltNewsMedia thinks it is important to examine the motives of all those who use a public platform to espouse their political agenda, and that includes Magid. Squatting on the proud history of Sheffield may endear him to sections of the legacy media but it may make others wonder just what motivates him. AltNewsMedia has tried to provide you with the broader context so you can decide for yourself just who is the “wasteman.’