At time of writing, the death toll in Italy from the Chinese Coronavirus is 2503 people, with a further 31,500+ people infected. This makes Italy the worst hotspot for Coronavirus infection outside China where the death toll is allegedly 3226. (Does anyone believe the Communist State’s figures?) A few days ago, ALTNEWSMEDIA ran an exclusive story revealing WHY Italy has become a vast killing field for Coronavirus. This was met with legacy media studied indifference although it has attracted huge attention on social media.

I can now provide you with some further details which help clarify why Italy is in such peril. Consider this stark fact. When Chinese students returned to the United Kingdom on 4th Jan 2020 the China Corona Virus was still new, few had it. The UK Chinese community has little connection with China (eg many come from Singapore/Hong Kong). Now, compare that with Italy where 300,000 Chinese (mainland China) went home for New year celebrations on the 25th Jan and returned. How many of this vast number carried the infection? Consider the Italian city of Prato.

” Less than an hour by train from Florence Prato has been the one of the largest textile manufacturing bases in Europe for ages. If you’ve bought a shirt or blanket in Italy in the last century and a half, odds are the fabric came from Prato” But things have changed, dramatically. This article explains;

‘Prato has evolved and grown in terms of population, but the majority… how can I say it… the majority it’s all Chinese. That ‘something’ that there was before isn’t there anymore, Prato’s traditions, the feasts… on the 15th of August we used to go to Feast of Santa Maria, we’d eat watermelons, you’d go there and see all the people from Prato… now what you see, it’s mostly managed by [the Chinese]….’

In fact…

“The city is now home to the largest concentration of Chinese in Europe, some legal, many more not. Here in the heart of Tuscany, Chinese labourers work round the clock in some 3,200 businesses making low-end clothes, shoes and accessories, often with materials imported from China, for sale at mid price and low-end retailers worldwide.”

This is what Prato looks like in 2020.

Many of Prato’s mainland Chinese population would have travelled home for the Chinese New Year towards the end of January. The first death from the Chinese Virus was reported on 21st February – in the town of Lombardy. Since then, things have spiralled out of control and yet the legacy media seem mystified, unable (or unwilling) to draw the obvious conclusions. Italian politicians also seem reluctant to say too much about the devastating situation they have presided over.

Over the past few decades, the Chinese have taken control of vast swathes of northern Italy. It has been commercially conquered. And now it suffers egregiously.  Was it worth it?