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I have issues with kids being brainwashed into confusion over their sexuality or identity. I have no problems with kids in the UK of 2019 being taught that some people – of their own free will – prefer sexual and living arrangements with others of their own gender. After all, we live in a country where homosexuality has been legal for over 50 years. You’d think they stigma associated with it would have dissipated long ago.

Regrettably, there are people (particular people) in today’s Britain who reject many of the aspects that make up the mosaic of British society. Oh, they’ll tell you they’re not homophobic. They’ll even hold placards up in order to hammer the message home. But we know they are homophobic. We know it because of the way gay people are treated in the dusty, camel-adulterated Jurassic parks their ancestors sprang from. We know it because their mosques have imams who decry gay relationships every time they look down at the halls in front of them and see a sea of backsides pointing upwards. I know it because, after working in the care industry in Bradford for over 20 years, I can tell you of several gay Muslims I’ve worked with who have moved heaven and earth in order to hide their sexuality from their families.

It’s true! I’ve worked with gay Muslims in Bradford who’ve even gone through the sham of a conventional marriage and lived their lives as a lie so their families don’t discover the truth. Remember the 1999 comedy movie ‘East is East’? When the father witnesses his eldest son shunning an arranged marriage and running off to live with his boyfriend? What did he do? He removed his photo from the living room wall and pretended he was dead! That was a film set in 1971! What can we say has honestly changed with attitudes to homosexual lifestyles amongst Muslims here in the last 50 years?

Not. A. Thing.

Sky News has told us these school protests have now spread to 7 other local authorities. I’ll bet you the horn of a halal-slaughtered goat from Arabia that these local authorities aren’t the likes of Tandridge, Craven, West Somerset, Breckland, High Peak, Northumberland or Runnymede. No, they’ll be the areas colonised, conquered and turned into unrecognisable slums by people whose modes of dress, attitudes, daily lifestyles and opinions towards all others outside their narrow community confines means they reject just about everything to do with modern Britain. Except our welfare system, naturally. They lap that up like a pig laps up truffles.

We can have all the bans, censorship and government definitions of ‘Islamophobia’ we can handle.

But, at the end of the day, that creed is as incompatible with Western progression in the way a 40-stone bloke is incompatible with a two-seater Smart car. These protests simply reinforce such immiscibility.


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