As I had a few spare hours on Sunday afternoon, I decided to drive over to Batley to see if any protesters were still blocking the entrance to the town’s grammar school. The school itself is on Carlinghow Hill in a rather opulent area. A place where the residents would be far more accustomed to weekend strolls with their dogs than they would be seeing a crowd of feral Muslims demanding Britain be propelled wholesale back to the Stone Age. Two 20-something lads (it’s always the male of the species where they’re concerned) stood menacingly at the school gates. I don’t know whether they thought they were some sort of Praetorian Guard striking a blow for Islamic fundamentalism, or whether they were hoping the teacher at the centre of their ire would return so they could disembowel him in public. Whatever the reason, spending Sunday stood outside a school is hardly what you’d call normal behaviour.

Then again, what is normal with a significant proportion of that lot? A religious minority that is, by some measurements, the fastest-growing in the UK (mainly through a ridiculously-generous immigration system the rest of us were never asked to give our consent to) poses a risk to our teenage girls (mass grooming), a risk to the principle of free speech and expression (death threats and police protection over a cartoon depiction), and a risk to our very lives (numerous terrorist atrocities). But still they come. It’s like having a pet tarantula in your home and allowing it free reign.

Practically every other religious minority in this country has integrated pretty well into our society. When was the last time you heard any disreputable behaviour concerning Jews, Hindus, Sikhs or Buddhists? No, it’s always Muslims! And the reason why it’s always Muslims is because their creed is prescriptive when it comes to the need to compel others to submit to its core beliefs. That’s why they don’t tolerate dissension; why they don’t tolerate criticism; and why many think it’s best to keep their females in subordinate positions. Such a religion isn’t compatible with Western freedoms. What’s more, with a Western civic society more preoccupied with defending them than defending their own cultural principles, coupled with more and more Muslims in Britain with every passing census, it’s not hard to see we’re heading for that very dark and dysfunctional place Enoch Powell warned us about 50 years ago.

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