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EU teases true identity? Why Beethoven’s ninth is a bizarre choice for the EU anthem.

It is remarkable to see the complaining about pro Brexit MEPS turning their back on the EU anthem, Ode to Joy. These people see the EU as corrupt, and have fought tooth and nail to take Britain out, so why would anyone imagine they are there for any other reason than to protest and disrupt? Their protest appeared far more dignified than the embarrassing LibDems wearing offensive tee shirts, or the ex Mayor of Sheffield wearing his “f**k fascism” tee shirt.

Overpaid champagne socialist Gary Lineker, no doubt buoyed by his confirmation of top earner at the BBC and always quick to pass comment, unsurprisingly criticised the anti Brexit MEPs. But he neglected to mention the behaviour of anti Brexit MEPs fighting against UK democracy abroad. He even retweeted a comment about the Brexit Party copying Nazism by ‘turning their back’ in Parliament; something the Nazis once did in The Reichstag, German Parliament (and presumably nobody has ever done since).

Except Manchester City fans, every time the UEFA anthem is played at their ground. Perhaps Gary thinks they’re all Nazis too?

If this anthem was used by any other group, particularly on the right, the cries of Nazism, fascism, and the prism of Hitler would have been at fever pitch from much of the media and across the Left and hysterical #FBPE types.


Adolf Hitler adored ‘Ode to Joy’, in fact it was reportedly his favourite piece of music. In the Nazi concentration camps, musicians were forced to play it by camp guards ahead of executions.

At a time of rising nationalism in Germany, it became a rallying piece of music. It symbolised strength in unity rather than strength in diversity.

Imagine for a moment that the Brexit party chose this piece.

So, the protest from the pro Brexit MEPs meant they not only turned their back on what they see as a corrupt organisation, they also turned their back on a rallying call for fascists, played every time the EU opens parliament.

Everyone else faced the front to respect it.


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