AltNewsMedia has been considering the relationship between the BBC and truth. It’s not pretty.

First of all, please watch this video of a sneering BBC reporter –  Gabrial Gatehouse – patronise and mock this lady because she didn’t have the facts to back up her argument. He says he’s an expert, been to all these countries, and that she is wrong to assert that Muslims have sex with children.

Then do a QUICK search on child marriage from the BBC and ….drumroll…dozens of examples of child permanent rape appear. (Short term rape is terrible, long term rape called “child marriage” is much worse)


So not only DID the BBC reporter Gabriel Gatehouse know about all this, the Newsnight production team knew too, they all knew. But they will tell any lie to push their refugees and multicultural agenda. This is a very dangerous situation for the UK, both BBC and C4 are leftist controlled and utterly committed to a particular partisan narrative.

And it gets even worse. When Fox (aka Murdoch) tried to buy UK Sky, Jeremy Hunt (then culture Minister) put a condition that the “editorial independence” of Sky News must be maintained They don’t want any Fox News style media in the UK and will do anything to prevent it. And the British Conservative Party colludes in this deceit.

In this way, the major UK broadcasters, supported by the political class, maintain control of the narrative and ensure that any dissenting voices are muted. This is a very unhealthy state of broadcasting affairs and potentially fatal for our democracy. When the factual practice of child rape overseas in Muslim countries is obfuscated by the State Broadcaster it’s time we asked why.