And just like that it was all over. The pandemic that had shut down the entire world was gone, vanished.  So long, Covid-19, we hardly knew ye. It may have been China that started it, but it was the good ol’ US of A that finished it. But like killing the economy to kill a virus, the cure is again so much worse than Covid-19. 

Two weeks ago a black guy, George Floyd, was arrested in Minneapolis for passing a $20 counterfeit bill and resisting arrest, and while being arrested was treated so horribly that he died right there on the street.  It was all recorded by bystanders and the resulting videos were hard to watch. The reaction was uniformly one of horror and sympathy for the victim. Police officers and their chiefs in particular were horrified and explained what was wrong with the policing methods that had lead to the death. The President tasked the FBI to get to the bottom of the why. Minneapolis fired the four involved as a prelude to charge them with murder.

And yet just as all America was united in disgust, we were torn apart once again when the biggest wave of protest, destruction and looting since 63 people were killed in the 1992 Los Angeles riots broke out.

It all started out as a legitimate local protest, but one that almost immediately became violent. Except it didn’t according to the mainstream liberal media, who categorized it as peaceful. MSNBC had one of its reporters, Ali Velshi, at the initial protest saying the protests were “not, generally speaking, unruly.”

We got a good view of him as the flames from the nearby burning stores illuminated him quite nicely.  Cross town, we then checked out a CNN crew, whose reporter, Miguel Marquez, was covering what he called a “merry caravan” of protesters who were “entirely peaceful.”  The last was a little hard to hear as Miguel was busy ducking a bottle and some other rubbish thrown at his head!!

The next couple of days then saw the merry caravans of entirely peaceful folks destroy a good deal of downtown Minneapolis, and when they weren’t burning police stations, warehouses and major department stores to the ground, they were looting the smaller shops. In addition, the not unruly violence was beginning to spread to other major US cities. Even the media realized that maybe there was now something wrong with their reporting. And so they turned to the officials.

Minneapolis Mayor, Jacob Frey, and Minnesota Governor, Tim Walz, knew exactly what was going on.  There were some fake instigating protestors who were certainly unruly, and had snuck in to take advantage of the chaos. These bad guys were, yes you guessed it already, white supremacists!  In Mayor Frey’s words:  “We are now confronting white supremacists, members of organized crime, out of state instigators, and possibly even foreign actors to destroy and destabilize our city and our region.”  Governor Waltz stated that most folks arrested at a previous night’s peaceful rioting and looting, (now officially not peaceful at all) were from outside Minneapolis.

That Saturday night I watched the TV very closely as I have never seen any white supremacists , even though they comprise 75% of the population according to the mainstream media, the Dems and everyone under 30 who has had the benefit of a public education. It was difficult to pick out the white supremacists and their allies.

They must have been hidden behind the massed bunch of the peaceful protestors; the ones all dressed in black and carrying bricks (which they had thoughtfully bought along to repair any damaged stores) and Molotov cocktails (to light the way).

And then the whole world exploded. First the protests spread to every major city in the US, as well as many smaller towns. Then as other cities saw looting and rioting, e.g., New York city where midtown Manhattan was ransacked, the narrative turned on a dime. The “white supremacists” line was dropped.  The looting and violence could not be gainsaid anymore, and so it became one of “most folks are peaceful” and those who are not are “justified in their destruction due to legitimate grievances.”  Thanks, New York Times for these gems. Meanwhile, much of the rest of the world decided to join the fun and there were protests in major cities from Europe to Australia. Luckily, all these countries have no problems of their own to solve, and so had the time free.

The explosion was fueled by a variety of issues. The video of the George Floyd killing was bad, and most folks seeing it reacted viscerally. And these emotions were heightened by the fact that folks were looking for a break from the Covid-19 lockdown and here was a great excuse to get out in the sunshine. As the days went on, more and more turned up despite most states having temporary laws prohibiting outdoor meetings greater than 10 people.

The usual script of urban riots in this country started by a real or perceived injustice to the black community was not however followed this time.  This protest now became fueled by not just lockdown hi-jinks, but by the wokest of the woke agenda that has been bubbling under for years – white supremacy is killing black people using their agents the police. And this was stoked from the very beginning by outside agitators. Not white supremacists, as the Minnesota Governor would have you believe, but by far far left groups such as Antifa, Black Lives Matter, the Revolutionary Communist Party and the nastier parts of the Democratic Party.  The BLM slogans became the rallying cries and it was strange to watch as bizarre notions such as “defund the police” became, in just a matter of days, the cries of mostly white people running protests in their safe suburban towns.

Two weeks earlier peaceful protests by mostly right-wing libertarians on pushing for Covid-19 restrictions to be repealed had caused a massive outpouring of hatred.  How could these white supremacists dare to protest when they were not allowed to have meetings of more than five people?  And they were not social distancing (gasp!); some were not even wearing masks (monsters!).  My favorite was a frantic story in the Guardian (American version) two weeks ago in which they revealed “cellphone data” showed hundreds of “right-wing anti-lockdown protestors (some heavily armed)” were deliberately spreading Covid-19 across the entire USA. A Health “expert,” Dr. Rob Davidson, bemoaned the high risk of infection: “we can see protesters are going from a highly concentrated event and then dispersing widely.”

But now the media and Health “experts” were singing a very different tune.  Over 1200 “experts” signed an open letter sent to NPR (BBC-lite public TV/Radio).  Yes, the white protestors were very wrong to protest in defiance of lockdown orders and Yes, the George Floyd protestors were absolutely right to protest in defiance of lockdown orders. The reason is because white supremacy is worse than Covid-19.  There was more, but no-one has read more than the first few demented lines.  And the media took on this nonsense as their own and amplified and encouraged the protests even further.  And of course the politicians were all out protesting, taking a knee and generally making a nuisance of themselves. So, just like that the lock down was over.  No-one is going to take the words of “experts” anymore as they are so obviously politicized, no-one will take orders from politicians about how to act in a pandemic again, and the media just keeps on reinforcing the fact that they report an agenda, not the news.

So now Covid-19 has been cured by the need to rank on white folks, what of Minneapolis where this cure began?  As things began to calm down somewhat last weekend, Minneapolitans emerged from the darkness after ten days of riots, surveying the wreckage of much of their downtown: $500 Million in damage costs as nearly 1,000 commercial properties were badly damaged, including 52 businesses that were totally destroyed.  Usually folks in this situation vow to re-build or strengthen the forces of law and order that permitted this to happen, but Minneapolitans are different.  Nine of their thirteen council members, at a memorial protest for George Floyd, vowed instead to immediately destroy the police department.

The word “dismantle” was intentionally used, as the Loons on the Council fervently believe, along with Black Lives Matter, that racism is institutional, woven into the very fabric of all government, and so any reforms are impossible.  Some of this statement is true, as Minneapolis has been run by Democrats for the past fifty years, which has seen woke liberalism infect all institutions.  Currently, all members of the Council are Democrats except one, and he’s a member of the Green party. But weirdly, the nine Council members are not volunteering for their immediate resignations and asking for folks from another less institutionally racist party to be elected in their place.

Getting rid of law and order seems counter-intuitive to many of us, but Head Council Loony, Lisa Bender, explained it all on CNN that night.  She was asked what would she say to those who wanted to know who they would call if their home was broken into in the middle of the night (a real problem in parts of Minneapolis, in fact all big cities run by Dems).  Ms. Bender nonchalantly replied that folks would just have to put up with this as calling the police only makes things worse, and besides, those folks were only exercising their privilege in their belief they should not be raped and robbed.

This is all going to come as a bit of a shock to the current African-American Police Chief, Medaria Arradondo, who seems unaware he is upholding the forces of white male privilege. And probably to his Deputy Chiefs as well, such as Chief Of Staff, Art Knight, who is also black, and Kathy Waite, Head of all patrol units, who is a woman.

Well these guys may be unemployed in the near future, but luckily it is not such a bad time to be so.  In other news this week, the US was thrilled by the declining unemployment numbers – far better than predicted by the “experts,” who had forecasted numbers that were 10 Million worse than actual. This was due to folks starting to go back to work as many states were beginning to open up from the lockdown.  Now Covid-19 has been officially eliminated, these numbers should be through the roof in the next months as well. Maybe not in Minneapolis, where the first of many companies, manufacturer 7-Sigma Inc., has just announced it is leaving as the City did not prevent his plant being burned down during the riots. And that’s even when they had a police force.

Of course, manufacturing in general will now roar back, spearheaded by gunmakers like Smith & Wesson and Remington.  These guys will be working 24/7 for the next few years as they try and fill the massive demands of a nation’s populace seeking to tool up as quickly as possible in case the police department is dismantled in their hood.

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