Our knowledge of Islamic State concubine Shamima Begum has increased in recent days. Initially all we understood was that this ‘British School Girl” had travelled from the UK to join up with the dark ages death cult Islamic State. She made this decision in 2015 which was AFTER the world became aware of the genocidal savagery that characterised that group. So it is safe to conclude that the barbarism attracted her – not surprised her.


In the past few days our understanding of Ms Begum has been enhanced as follows;

  1. Begum says she “did have a good time” during her years embedded with IS. Thousands of innocent people were murdered and maimed in the most savage way imaginable during this period but perhaps she was having SUCH “a good time” she overlooked this?
  2. Begum declared she had no issues with the decapitations of human beings because “it is allowed in Islamic law”
  3. Begum believes that the massacre of children at the Manchester Arena was “justified”
  4. Begum has named her son “Jarrah”, as she says her ISIS terrorist husband wanted. The obscure name comes from a Jihad warlord named “Abu Ubaidah bin Jarrah”, who launched a genocidal massacre of the entire Jewish population in Khaybar, over 1300 years ago.

In addition to the above she feels that she is fully entitled to return to the UK and is due our full “sympathy”

Her team of lawyers (yes, she has a “team” of legal experts seeking her return to the UK) have gone so far as to compare her to a returning WW1 soldier!



It’s useful to also understand that her main legal adviser is Tasnime Akunjee.  He is the man reputed to have claimed that the UK security services “created” serial beheader Jihadi John and that British Muslims should not co-operate with the police. In the immediate aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris, he  is reputed to have written on his Facebook page ‘Please don’t REPEATEDLY poke a sleeping bear then cry when it bites “your head off’

How charming.

In terms of character reference Hanif Qadir, who once fought for Al Qaeda, says Shamima Begum should be brought back to the UK so that she is given the chance of rehabilitation.

That’s right – a former Al Queda terrorist recommends we accept back this Islamic State terrorist.


Begum betrayed the UK when she chose Islamic State. She forfeits any right to return. Her Bangladeshi father can apply for her to get a Bangladeshi passport. She can then seek sanctuary there. Under no circumstances should the UK provide her with a safe haven.

If the UK is so weak as to let her back then we signal to the world that we welcome unrepentent Islamic State monsters. The consequence of that will be measured in body bags.