You will recall how AltNewsMedia revealed here why Italy has suffered so many deaths at the hands of COVID-19.  This story went global although the legacy media refuses any examination into the root cause. You may also recall how we revealed why Spain has soaring levels of Covid-19 deaths here. 

The media showed a complete disinterest in the obvious but lethal Chinese connection and the devastating impact of those Chinese people returning to these countries from mainland China following the Chinese New Year celebrations.

New York has suddenly emerged as the hot spot for infection in the United States. A little research shows that the most commonly spoken language in New York (after English and Spanish) is Chinese. Significant numbers of NY-resident Chinese travelled to China for the Chinese New Year (similar to Christmas), and returned in early February. The state hit hardest by the Chinavirus is New York.

In each case, it is always the same root cause. The global consequences of allowing unrestricted travel to and from China earlier this year can now be counted in body bags.

It begs two other questions;

  1. Why do some Nations like Canada and the UK continue to allow flights to and from China? Do they not care about importing infection?
  2. Why does the legacy media shy away from investigating the Chinese connection to the China Virus?