We are on the eve of the local Council elections across some of England and all of Northern Ireland.

Normally, these are elections of relatively low political import but this time it is different. Very different. Indeed what happens in the 248 English local council areas is going to be crucial to our future as a sovereign Nation. Why? Because this is the first real test of public opinion of the political establishment since Brexit day came and went without any Brexit. 

It will be a measure of the regard in which the Conservative voting electorate hold Theresa May.


Her personal opinion poll ratings are catastrophic, her party is sinking fast in all the polls, and everything points to something akin to an extinction event.

Just a few days before the polls open, one of May’s senior colleagues suggested a new tax on people aged 50yrs+ to “pay for their social services in old age”.


Given that this is the CORE Conservative voting demographic it seems almost suicidal to once again threaten them.

In addition, rumours circulate that Theresa May is about to agree to a ‘Customs Union” deal with Jeremy Corbyn, in flagrant disregard of the instruction of 17.4m voters.

A recent poll revealed that almost 30% of core Conservative voters now consider the party to be anti-Brexit!

This is the background to what is about to unfold.

A  historically unpopular Prime Minister, leading a fractured party, in rebellion against its own policies, is now out to garner popular support at Council level. Will she be repudiated by the electorate? Will she be punished? Will she get away with it? The Conservative Party strategy ahead of tomorrow has been to talk about potholes, not Brexit. There is a sense of desperation about the campaign, with the likes of Jacob Rees Mogg and Boris Johnson pleading with voters not to inflict punishment on local council candidates for the actions of those in Westminster.

My own view is that this month of May will see the end of Theresa May.

I believe her Party will perform very badly in these local council elections and that she will lose many hundreds of Conservative councillors. How many is a matter of conjecture but I think anything north of 500 starts to become a real problem and anything near 1000 becomes a total calamity.

Assuming the EU elections go ahead on May 23rd, her Party will be annihilated by the soaring Brexit Party. I also believe she will do anything to avoid these elections taking place, hence the huddle with Corbyn.

The forthcoming Peterborough by-election, created by the decision of the local electorate to recall the local MP and criminal convict Fiona Onansanya, also provides the Brexit party to win their first Parliamentary seat.

This is all potentially catastrophic for May – and her Party.

I want to be unambiguous about this.

I sincerely hope the Conservative Party is crushed this month and I say that in the full knowledge I have friends who are both members and elected representatives of that Party.

But the betrayal has been too great, the lies too many and the contempt for the 17.4m too obvious.

There is a moment in time when the tides must change. It has to be NOW in this United Kingdom.

Our survival depends on destroying the Vichy Conservative regime.

Bring it all down.