On the 14th January it was revealed in a report commissioned by Labour Mayor Andy Burnham that Police had ignored the widespread trafficking of White working class girls by men of predominantly Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin in Greater Manchester. We have all heard this before; after all, it has occurred in Rotherham, Oxford, Newcastle, London, Telford, Sheffield, Rochdale, Peterborough, Yeovil, Bristol and elsewhere. I commend Andy Burnham for commissioning the report, though that is as far as it is possible to go in praising him. In reality it is a response that is simply too little too late, and all the evidence points towards the fact that such grooming is still going on in many areas.

The next day after the report was published, and there was simply no sympathy or strategy at all for dealing with this problem. No new funding, no pledge by political party leaders to do something about it, and more importantly no questions being asked as to why girls in the state care system are so prone to abuse. All we got was a rather pitiful written statement readout by the Police Chief in Manchester, Ian Hopkins, admitting that past mistakes were made. To add insult to injury, he refused to answer any questions from the media, and simply walked out after reading his statement.

The ‘response’ by Labour’s Rebecca Long-Bailey, who is currently running to be the next leader of the party, was to sign up to 10 pledges put forward by the ‘Labour Muslim Network’.

She wrote on Twitter just 24 hours after the grooming revelations: ‘The mainstream press and the Conservative party may choose to ignore Islamophobia – but I will not. I will not just support these pledges, but as leader of the Labour party I will stand with the Muslim community.’

So instead of any drop of sympathy for the victims, we get a lecture about alleged ‘Islamophobia’. This is even more extraordinary when considering that she is the Labour MP for one of the districts in Greater Manchester most affected by the grooming (Salford and Eccles), yet she has not mentioned the crimes once.

It is ironic that all the Labour candidates for the leadership have pledged to regain the White working class vote following their drubbing in December’s election, yet they are all actively going down the same ideological route as before. For some reason, they just can’t seem to even acknowledge the problem with Muslim grooming gangs, let alone deal with them. It’s as if mentioning problems affecting the White working class is some kind of taboo red line that they simply cannot cross.

This is even stranger when considering that the White working class vote is literally 10 times bigger than the Muslim vote. You would think that Labour politicians, being the opportunistic people that they are, would catch onto this idea, yet obviously they have other vested interests. One thing is for certain – the problem of grooming gangs will never go away until the politically correct culture we currently reside in is done away with forever.