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Politics is full of spin and fury and truth often becomes a casualty.  With the EU being so central to current British politics, AltNewsMedia readers need to know exactly what are the major developments happening there and how might these impact on British prospects.

AltNewMedia can reveal that there are significant changes happening in the ENF group (Europe of Nations and Freedom) This group was founded in 2015 by Janice Atkinson MEP and it has an interesting take on the future. Here’s what Marcel De Graffe, co-chair of the ENF has to say;

“We want a Europe of sovereign states. We want a free Europe. We want a Europe that respects national individuality and national identity.

Our European cultures, our values and our freedom are under attack. They are threatened by the crushing and dictatorial powers of the European Union. They are threatened by mass immigration, by open borders and by a single European currency: one size does not fit all.

The EU cannot deal with differences because it does not want sovereign nation states. But actually the foundation of the success of Europe has been the differences between states resulting from competition, cooperation, conflicts and peace. Beneath the surface of all the differences, there is the huge undercurrent of our common cultural heritage. Anyone who acknowledges the importance of our common legacy also acknowledges our differences and appreciates the significance of sovereign states.

The news has just come in that Gerard Batten and two other UKIP MEP’s have had their application to join the group accepted.


Janice Atkinson is the Vice President of the ENF and she has just released this statement;


“As Vice President of the ENF I sanctioned UKIP’s membership. It was me who founded the group four years ago when I was wrongly expelled from UKIP. Our anti-EU ‘supergroup’ is already running governments in Italy and Austria and we are the official opposition in many others.

I have travelled all over Europe bringing in other Eurosceptic parties to our pan European party, MENF, from Greece, Czech Rep, Bulgaria with many more nations and parties to be announced shortly.

I was asked to remain in UKIP’s EFDD but this was untenable. UKIP wanted to be the only Eurosceptic party in the village. But by joining up the patriotic parties of the EU, we are the formidable force.

UKIP didn’t want to join forces with H C Strache, Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders and Matteo Salvini. I made that happen. We are on the right side of history.

Despite being treated badly, and cleared from any wrong doing, I could harbour grudges, but I didn’t, I put my country first and welcomed Gerard Batten and two of his MEPs into my group.

It’s a pity that all UKIP MEPs don’t show their loyalty to their leader by joining us. I will consider their suitability on a one by one basis.’

So the ENF is a growing force in the EU, pitted against the EU, and Mr Batten and his colleagues can now play a role in advancing the fight for a Europe of sovereign Nations.

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