Excellent news. Those who constantly highlight the events of Bloody Sunday for their own ends never take into context what being a soldier meant in the Londonderry of the early 1970s. It was a city convulsed by violence, with rebellion almost written into the DNA of a significant proportion of its citizens. A city where to be a policeman or deployed soldier meant going about your daily duties under a constant threat of cold-blooded execution. A city where the displacement of its Protestant minority was already well underway through mass intimidation. A city where streets had been surrendered to the control of balaclava-wearing terrorists.

Nobody with any scintilla of compassion can claim the 14 people shot by the Parachute Regiment in January 1972 deserved to die. Of course they didn’t! But the fact remains that soldiers, who were already living under constant threat from being picked-off at any moment, came under fire from those using an assembled crowd as cover. Even an inquiry as pre-disposed to the victims and their families as Saville, was never going to rule those soldiers as murderers. Because none of them set out that day with pre-meditated intent.

Contrast that with the thousands of victims of terrorism – Protestant, Catholic, none and other – who WERE victims of pre-meditated actions by the scum of humanity. Not for them the chance of a multi-million pound investigation. In many cases, the families of those victims didn’t even get to see the perpetrators serve time or be tried by a court for their crimes! They’ve just had to knuckle down and get on with life; and, in the cases of those murdered by the IRA, have their noses rubbed in the proverbial shit on a daily basis as Provo proxies, voted in by an electorate which is either morally bankrupt or suffering from selective amnesia, propel them to high office in both Northern Ireland and the Republic.

This saga has now been going on longer than I’ve been alive. We’ve seen attempt after attempt to destroy the lives of soldiers who are now well into their twilight years. Often courtesy of Bloody Sunday siblings who thought nothing of courting the apologists of mass murderers and holding them to their commemorative bosom. Bloody Sunday has now become the equivalent of ‘The Mousetrap’ for those determined to enrol the memory of those 14 civilians into the pantheon of Republican martyrdom. This ruling yesterday should now hopefully bring down the curtain on this sorry play.

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