No sane person would think that male suicide is a matter for mockery, let alone an elected public representative.

According to data from the Office For National Statistics, death by suicide remains the single biggest killer in men between 15 and 35 in the UK. Overall, men, shockingly, still make up three-quarters of those who take their own lives in this country. In 2018, 4,383 men took their lives. It’s a serious matter and anything that could be done to help reduce this statistic would surely be welcomed.

And yet, back in 2015, the Telegraph reported

A member of the seven-strong Backbench Business Committee burst out laughing at the suggestion that MPs should be allowed to debate a range of gender issues including domestic violence, suicide and premature mortality rates.

The name of the laughing MP? – step forward the Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley, Jess Phillips.

On the day that she sniggered (see below) at the suggestion that men’s issues should be discussed in Parliament on International Men’s Day, another 13 men died from suicide.

Phillips has made headlines with some equally alarming comments on the scale of violence against women. In 2016 she compared the sex attacks on women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve to the harassment of women every weekend in Birmingham city centre.

Around 1200 women were harassed by migrants in Cologne on the night of Dec 31st 2015. In the entire year 2017-2018, 341 cases of rape were brought to court across the West Midlands.  Phillip’s comments do not stand up to any critical evaluation. Why would she downplay the gravity of what happened in Cologne? It is almost as if she enjoys speaking for shock value.

This might explain the ferocious language she used against her Party Leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

Speaking to The Guardian in 2015 she said of his leadership;

“The day that it becomes you are hurting us more than helping us, I won’t knife you in the back, I will knife you in the front.”

Had a male MP talked of stabbing a female Party Leader ‘in the front” would this also have been met with studied silence? Does this lead to polite and civil discourse?

Phillips most recently made headlines when the UKIP prospective MEP for the South West Carl Benjamin aka Sargon of Akkad was questioned about a 2016 tweet he made when in response to her behaviour regarding the putative male suicide debate in the Commons  he tweeted her “I wouldn’t even rape you”


The legacy media have insisted Benjamin apologise for this three-year-old “rape” tweet – which he has resolutely refused to do. My own view is that the tweet concerned was poorly worded but hardly a matter of relevance in 2019 unless you were out to scuttle UKIP’s electoral changes in the May elections. Confected fake outrage is so 2019.

In 2017, it was revealed that Phillips Yardley constituency was a hotbed for child sexual exploitation and child abuse.

The areas of Washwood Heath, Shard End and Yardley in the Birmingham East police region had 3,007 contacts and referrals in the specified time period, accounting for 22 per cent of Birmingham’s total.

With so MUCH abuse of vulnerable young children occurring in her constituency, we can but guess why Phillips has been less vocal in highlighting this issue and confronting those responsible.

The West Midland report states:

“There are significant similarities to the Rotherham victim/offender and location. The majority of offenders are typically Asian, of Pakistani origin, aged from 17 to 40. A number of Organised Crime Groups associated with CSE exist in the West Midlands. Many are associated with areas of high population densities of Pakistan heritage.”

Would Jess Phillips get re-elected if she were to take a firm and vocal stance on this actual child rape on her doorstep? Why is it that many of her social media fan-club is outraged by Benjamin’s “non-rape tweet” but silent on the actual child sexual abuse by those of Pakistani heritage in her constituency?

In a further example of her peculiar behaviours, here is a tweet from March.


This follows a vast number of Pakistani parents at an apparently 100% Pakistani school in Birmingham taking part in a demonstration outside the school to protest what they described as gay indoctrination. The preacher leading the protest stated that the school was teaching their kids that “it’s ok to be Muslim and gay”. When the video went viral, Jess Phillips somehow turned the protestors into victims. And even though it appeared that a plurality of the school’s parents supported the protest objectives, Jess claimed that the protest “does not represent our city at all” So, who do they represent?

In recent days, Jess Phillips made the following comment on Twitter;


Leaving aside the typo, is this the sort of comment we expect from a public representative with such a prominent pulpit?  Some might say that Phillips revels in seeing herself as “a bitch” but given her mockery of those seeking to debate male suicide in Parliament; her attempt to downplay mass migrant sexual predation in Cologne; her incendiary use of language and apparent muted interest in the sexual grooming that pervades her own Constituency, perhaps this description is quite accurate?