Today brought the news that 13 prison officers were taken to hospital after being assaulted by “teenagers” at a young offenders institution (YOI)

The officers were among about 20 staff attacked during an outbreak of violence at the weekend at Feltham YOI in west London. One officer suffered a broken nose and another was concussed after being repeatedly punched. The Prison Service said the assaults were “completely unacceptable”. Several members of staff were bitten during the disturbance in the section of the YOI known as Feltham A which accommodates 150 boys, most of whom are aged 16 and 17.


Labour MP Richard Burgon instantly joined in tweeting;

Concerning news from Feltham. Time and again prison staff are faced with unacceptable levels of violence. And all too often young people are held in conditions that undermine rehabilitation. I will be writing to the Minister to demand answers and action.”

The BBC article overlooks the fact that, according to a 2017 official HM Prisons report, the Feltham Youth prison contained only 22% boys classified as “White British” A disproportionate 37% stated their religion as Muslim”. (Source below)

Will Richard be demanding answers and actions about THAT? Will Richard be insisting on finding out how many of those attacking prison officers are Muslim? Or will a discreet veil be drawn over this awkward truth?


A reminder, Muslims make up around 5% of the general population yet 37% of Feltham Youth Prison population. This is a massive over-representation.


Some of Feltham Youth Prison “old boys” include Richard Reid the so-called ‘shoe bomber’ who pleaded guilty to terrorism charges, who is alleged to have converted to Islam whilst serving time in Feltham!

The problem is not restricted to this particular prison.

Here are a couple of other disturbing statistics;

  • Muslims make up 20% of the population in high-security prisons
  • At Whitemoor prison in Cambridgeshire, 44%  of the 447 inmates are Muslim.

Sara Khan, the lead commissioner for Countering Extremism, has observed the following about Muslims in prison;

“This includes the risk that individuals are becoming more extremist in prisons. There are also fears about what happens when prisoners who advocate extremist beliefs and behaviour – whether Islamist or far-right supporters – are released into our communities.”

So prisons can be seen to be super-incubators for an even more violent form of radical Islam, with non-Muslims converting to Islam to gain safety behind bars!

Protecting Prison staff from violent attack is crucial and Officers deserve all the help that can be afforded carrying out what is a very difficult job.

Radical Islam is flourishing behind prison bars just as it flourishing outside in the general community and ignoring this only ensures greater levels of violence. Just why is it that so many Muslims are convicted of crimes carrying a custodial sentence? Why do they become so violent and radical behind bars? What steps are being taken to isolate and punish these violent aggressors?