Question. What do ISIS beheadings, the Grenfell fire, and Meghan Markle have in common? Answer. The Al Manaar Mosque in West London.

The Al Manaar Mosque in Notting Hill is well known as arguably the principal jihad terror factory in London. It has produced 9 identified ISIS terrorists, and an unknown number of unidentified ISIS fighters. There could be dozens we don’t know about yet.

ISIS terrorists from Al Manaar Mosque include Jihadi John and the 4 “ISIS Beatles”, a hit squad of executioners famous the world over for conducting multiple beheadings whilst talking to the cameras in West London “street” accents.

The failed 21/7 bombers of 2005 worshipped at Al Manaar, as did the “Rapper Jihadi” Abdel Magid Bary. As did other well known ISIS terorrists such as Abu Musa al-Britani, Mohammed Nasser, Hamza Pervez and Mohammed el-Araj. The list goes on and on. It is Jihad central.

Either it is a remarkable coincidence that this mosque has produced such a disproportionate number of deadly terrorists, or there is something going on at the mosque to cause this.

So what does this ISIS jihad factory mosque have to do with Meghan Markle?

The Al Manaar Mosque is located around 20 minutes walk (1 mile) from the Grenfell Tower.

On the day of the tragic fire, plenty of nearby churches, community centres, schools and other facilities opened to accommodate the Grenfell survivors. One of these many facilities was the Al Manaar mosque, although there were dozens of locations which were closer to the tower. The Al Manaar Mosque opened its kitchen facilities for Grenfell survivors.

Since marrying into the Royal Family this summer, Meghan Markle has been trying to build a name for herself.

As her most high profile association, she has latched onto the Al Manaar Mosque Kitchen. Meghan produced a cookbook in conjunction with the mosque kitchen.

She made a video in the kitchen. She launched the cookbook in a ceremony at Kensington Palace. Today, Meghan has paid another visit to the Al Manaar Mosque Kitchen. In an ITV News article, reporter Chris Ship wrote that Meghan has made “many private visits” to the mosque. The mosque kitchen/cafeteria has received a lavish refurbishment by “Ledbury Construction”, whose Twitter profile states: “We refurbish London’s most prime residential and commercial property”. How fortunate that this Mosque appears to fall into such a category.

Meghan has virtually ignored the role of the local Afro-Caribbean community in the aftermath of the Grenfell fire, which was quite considerably greater than that of the Al Manaar Mosque. Meghan hasn’t been making “many private visits” or cookbooks with Afro-Caribbeans, or helping organise lavish refurbishments of local Afro-Caribbean church kitchens. She hasn’t invited any Afro-Caribbean community centre groups to Kensington Palace for a special event launch.

Meghan’s devotion is centred almost solely on a mosque kitchen which fed Jihadi John; a kitchen/cafeteria where the ISIS Beatles would almost certainly have sat and eaten with their hands whilst discussing jihad. The same hands that later held British, American and Japanese hostages by the hair whilst they chopped their heads off. Meghan’s cookbook “Together” has raised £210,000 for the Al Manaar Mosque Kitchen.

As tweeted by the official account, “this will keep the kitchen open seven days a week, and enable the [mosque] women to reach out to more people in the community”. So, thanks to Meghan Markle, London’s principal factory for ISIS terrorists now holds significant funds which it can use to entice hungry non-Muslims (kuffar) to its lavishly refurbished cafeteria, where there is a possibility that they may join a long conveyor belt of people indoctrinated into deadly jihad terror ideology.