Tuesday 14th October

By Questioning LGBT Education

If you’ve heard anything on the MSM about the LGBT teaching protests in Birmingham it is probably that “homophobic Muslims” are trying to defy the alleged Fundamental British Value of unquestioning LGBT acceptance.

According to the MSM and some in positions of influence within government it is a British Value to the point where all proper people are expected to love nothing more than their 5 year old children being repeatedly told “gay love” is no different whatsoever to when a man loves a woman; that boys can be girls and vice versa; and being asked which one of the 100 made up genders they would like to be that day!

It seems some people feel they, more than the general population and the prevailing culture and traditions, can decide something is now a Fundamental British Value and we’re all supposed to simply accept it. In fact as the Birmingham parents discovered, the tax payers fund a “counter-extremism czar” who the Government can wheel out to label the same said tax payers “extremists” for not agreeing with what the high and mighty have decided for us is a British Value.

A neat system of social engineering they have created there.

In fact there is a further stage called Prevent, where the police are involved, and to which 7,318 people were “referred” last year. You will most likely have an assumption that Prevent is to prevent “Islamic radicalization”. This year saw a 36% jump in referrals for “far right ideology” which of course is code for any non-Muslim who opposes such “British Values” as mentioned. The creation of your assumption was a fundamental part of enabling a system of over a million trained, unpaid but legally obliged state informants to exist and your government is very grateful to you for holding onto it.

Never underestimate the power of your assumptions and never assume they are actually yours.

The background to this LGBT teaching story has some uncanny parallels to the way general acceptance of Prevent was achieved. Cast your mind back to the 2014 Trojan Horse affair in Birmingham. A supposed takeover of schools by Islamic extremists. It quickly became apparent that the claims were fabricated, and it is widely referred to as the Trojan Hoax. 

However it wasn’t without consequence, as head teacher Jamie Barry recalls,

“We were investigated as part of the Trojan Horse investigation”

Mr Barry said Ofsted found ‘nothing untoward happening’ at Welford, but Ofsted inspectors did highlight that the school needed to do more work to engage the children in the school to the concept of same-sex relationships.

“So we embarked on a piece of considered work, working with a national organisation called Educate and Celebrate, and from that, it sparked the backlash of personal attacks and abuse aimed towards me and members of my staff. We were promoting fundamental British values, which is something we were told we have to do. And British values includes the rule of law, which includes the Equality Act 2010, that is what we were doing.”

The story is repeated at Anderton Park with Educate & Celebrate being introduced in 2014 and at the same time Andrew Moffat appears at Parkfield School with his No Outsiders program under his arm. To get a flavour of just how extreme Educate & Celebrate is here are some “highlights” from their Youtube channel.

So to join the dots, Ofsted have a made up excuse (the Trojan hoax) to go guns blazing into the highest percentage Muslim schools. Muslim teachers and governors are being sacked left and right so anyone remaining will be scared for their job. Ofsted instruct the then super pliable staff that they must do the one thing that most people would expect to cause the strongest reaction from Muslims, apart from compulsory pork dinners perhaps! 6 years before teaching not much actually about the Equality Act 2010 becomes mandatory nationally in 2020, Ofsted were going around very high percentage Muslim schools saying it is compulsory just for them, a clear lie. Now why would they do a thing like that?

To Ofsted’s probable dismay, very little happened. A short lived outburst of objection at Mr Barry’s school but otherwise no one actually minded that Mr Moffat was openly gay. He says frequently that there was no problem with him or his program for 4 years. He claims all was good until some “homophobic agitators agitated” but ask any of the locals and they will explain it was when the message he is peddling started creating the desired change in his pupils.

One boy came downstairs wearing his sisters bangles and refused to obey his mother saying his teacher said he could wear girls clothes, another pre-pubescent child wanted to marry her best friend after being told that was perfectly normal to do. Of course word went around. The parents asked him to stop, he refused, petitions were signed and ignored, they eventually had nothing left to try but exercise their democratic right to show the strength of feeling with a protest.

But this is Brexit denial Britain where it is preferable to label the majority as “phobes” or “Nazis” At Anderton Park the refusal by the school to listen went on so long the council decided to remove their right to protest. LGBT indoctrination of primary school children is therefore more of a Fundamental British Value than the right to protest. You may well have a useful assumption again.

This time it will be that the protagonists are “unreasonable homophobic Muslims unwilling to accept this is a liberal democracy while hypocritically enjoying the benefits of living here”. How better to convince people to accept that something as unwelcome as LGBT indoctrination of children and banning protest is now a British Value than making it seem there are only two choices, of either accepting it or having to side with the vilified Muslims. That useful assumption only persists while in ignorance of what the programs actually contain, which is why the promoters make it sound utterly benign and why I am doing my best to show more of what is actually taught.

Only when more is seen does the fog clear and people realise in fact the Muslims are not being unreasonable and that we are being conned again. Being conned into accepting a theoretical position is one thing, and is bad enough when you consider it effects the moral backbone of our society, however the con goes deeper. Like Prevent it is a means of pushing through some laws that we don’t actually want without us objecting to them.

Already the LGBT promoting teachers, the LGBT campaigners, every Labour MP except one and many others are using the protests to demand tougher legislation to make more of it compulsory and at ever younger ages. By the time it appears in your child’s school and you get a chance to say in surprise “OH  that’s what they were upset about!” you may have already agreed to the laws preventing you from objecting to it.

If you want to protect our right to protest the Birmingham parents are this week taking Birmingham City Council to court to fight the order that banned them from protesting. It is a public trial and they hope a broad range of supporters will attend.

From 9am Monday October 14th. Expected to last 5 days. Birmingham High Court, 33 Bull Street, B4 6DS.

Andrew Moffat is currently working on a PhD project tying his No Outsiders project into an Anti-Extremism wrapper that goes well into ducking stool territory: If you don’t agree with allowing his indoctrination you must be a homophobe and therefore you need more of it. Jamie Barry has gone from being reluctant participant to a pioneer of ever more LGBT in children’s lives, putting on Drag Queen Story Times at his school in Bristol and being the first school to have a gender neutral uniform

Here is one of the Drag Queen performances at Mr Barry’s school: 

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