There has been a long standing suspicion that Twitter has de facto been enforcing sharia by purging ‘dissenting voices’ from it’s platform. In the UK, many accounts that have been critical of Islam have disappeared, most without a clear explanation as to why it has happened.

Particularly vulnerable are political activists; 2019 saw Anne Marie Waters, leader of the For Britain Party lose her account for criticism of South Yorkshire Police’s handling of grooming gangs. Twitter also took down the main party account, without explanation or justification. As clear a case of ‘foreign interference’ in politics are you are likely to see, not that the legacy media were interested. Neither were the Electoral Commission.

Recently AltNewsMedia founder David Vance lost his twitter account, and a number of the mob decided to try and also ban AltNewsMedia. They pretended that David runs the social media for AltNewsMedia (he doesn’t) and mass reported many of this news site’s tweets in the hope the axe would fall again.

The response from Twitter was interesting. Of all the reported tweets, Twitter made us delete three in order to continue using their platform. The charge was ‘hateful conduct’, but curiously the three tweets that had to be deleted related to Islam. No other tweets were deemed problematic, just the Islam ones.

The tweets in question were as follows:-


Is Twitter Enforcing Sharia?

This tweets simply states statistics, and is a matter of fact. This information is held and published by the Government. Why does Twitter demand it is deleted? Similarly for the tweet below, when debating positive versus negative immigration it is not a ‘hateful’ position to state that the UK does not want immigration that is a burden on the existing population. That is a mainstream position.

Is Twitter Enforcing Sharia?

The next tweet in response to Rachel Riley, who previously acted with the CCDH (now a patron) to remove journalist Katie Hopkins from Twitter. This one probably proved too close to the bone for the powers that be at Twitter. Riley had her very logic used in a different scenario in response – Islam – and this clearly triggered someone severely.

Nothing hurts like the truth as they say. However is the democratic response to shut down debate?

Is Twitter Enforcing Sharia?This begs the question, who makes the decision on what is ‘hateful’ and why? We regularly see death threats, overt racism and a whole manner of far more inciteful tweets pass under the radar at Twitter. But Islam is seemingly kryptonite. Could it be that the growing influence on Western media of Saudi Arabia is playing a part?

Saudi Billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bought a $300 million stake in the Twitter platform, just as Saudi investors have bought a significant stake in ‘The Independent’ a left wing blog masquerading as a news outlet. A country with an appalling human rights’ record now has a method to attack Western countries and values – controlling the output of Western Media.

Slowly but surely, it seems that news and opinion is being muzzled by the Sharia enforcers from the Middle East, so how long before more and more voices of concern are lost as organisations sell their soul (shares) for dollars? The turmoil of the culture wars and general unrest in America and Europe is a godsend to those that hate the West, and they won’t hesitate to exploit it for their own ends.

Buckle up for the fight. We are up for it. Are you?