Joe Biden, a senator for 36 years and a VP for 8, should be nominated as the Presidential nominee of the Democrat Party this August at the virtual Dem convention. But the party delegates, assorted despairing loyalists, demented socialists and self-aggrandizing elites, will have some nagging doubts as they huddle in their jammies gazing into the dim light of their computers as they click Yes.  Are we really, they think,  going to nominate a man who is, well to put it nicely, just a tad past it?

The trope that the 78-year old Biden is showing signs of senility has been rumbling around for a year.  Republicans, the right-wing media like Fox News, Washington Times, NY Post and the right-wing blogosphere have all mentioned it based on Biden’s recent behavior when campaigning.  Stuck in his basement campaign command center due to Covid-19, he has certainly been dancing with the weird.  In one particular impassioned speech he showed an empty placard which was supposed to be a graph of something or other to illustrate his point.  And he has constantly made verbal flubs and totally lost his train of thought despite the teleprompter and earpiece connecting him to his staff.

No, said the Dems, and their argument goes something like this. It’s just because Biden is going a little doolally in the basement. Besides, Biden has never been able to string a coherent sentence together without a verbal gaffe of some sort (my personal favorite is from 2012 – “I never had an interest in being a mayor ’cause that’s a real job. You have to produce. That’s why I was able to be a senator for 36 years!”)  And he has always been just been a handy political vehicle into which you have to pour other folks’ stuff ideas and thoughts. I mean, why did Obama choose him as VP?  He didn’t want a heavyweight stinking up the joint by taking attention away from him.  It’s just Joe being Joe. A strong No then, although an argument in favor of Biden that he has always been an apple short of a picnic probably needs a little work.

So what is the truth? As always we have to look at the case from both sides, after all we are not Liberals.  The first witness for the prosecution is surprisingly the left-wing liberal (aka mainstream) media.  Throughout the crisis they have been bigging up Dem Governors who they characterize as facing the crisis with a steely presidential gaze making tough decisions that have benefited all, unlike that nasty incompetent Trump fellow. Each time they bigged these guys up they always add the corollary: “(s)he is standing in the wings if, God forbid as it never will, but just in case it does, Biden for some reason cannot be the Dem nominee”  Hmmm… they all seem to know something!

They are correct that some Governors are doing great things for their State at this time and are getting the balance right between the risk of a new virus with economic considerations.  Step forward Brian Kemp (Georgia), Ron DeSantis (Florida), and Kristi Noem (South Dakota).  However, these folks are (you guessed it) all Republicans, and not part of the narrative.  And so they have to focus on Dems like Andrew Cuomo of New York and Gavin Newsom of California.

Their fascination with Cuomo is passing strange.  He is in the media every day as New York is the US epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic.  However, he has been a complete disaster for his state.  His nursing home policy has been responsible for thousands of unnecessary deaths and he has spent the crisis mostly whining about how the Feds have to give him free stuff.  His latest demand is for $61 Billion for “Covid-19 aid.”  The aid is really to bail him out of a state that already had a $6 Billion deficit before Covid-19 due to mismanagement and massive public sector worker contracts.  Right now he is claiming if he doesn’t get the money he is going to kill more of the elderly as he will cut all hospitals and elderly healthcare funding.  Not sure “Hold, or grandma gets it!” would pass muster with your real top man highway bandits, but each to his own.  For the media to choose this guy shows just how desperate they are to push anyone as a savior if (Heaven Forfend!) Biden wanders off somewhere and does not return.

Hearing from other folks is one thing, but what does an observation of the Great Man himself reveal.  First up is he has a detectable serious memory problem that is getting worse.  Now Joe has never really given a monkey’s for all this malarkey about remembering things.  Back in 2008 he set the world fact check record for the most errors in one marvelous phrase recalling historic memories of the early 20th century.  “When the stock market crashed, FDR got on Television …”  (the stock market crashed in 1929, FDR was not President until 1933 and television was not available until 1941!!!)

But in this Dem nomination campaign, he has upped his game considerably,  He always seemed confused and out of sync with what was going on around him. He forgot whether he was running for the Presidency or the Senate, forgot when the biggest elections for the nomination were held, forgot his own wife and sister, forgot his own canned quotes from the Declaration of Independence, and forgot which President he served under as VP.  He also managed to forget his own son was Attorney General of Delaware, instead promoting him to being AG of the USA.

And this week it got a whole lot worse.  He emerged from the basement shadows to give an interview to CNBC, where he astonished the Interviewer with the following answer to a question on how he was going to run:  “I’m prepared to say that I have a record of over forty years, and that I’m going to beat Joe Biden.”  Granted a wag would say it is true that Biden’s biggest opponent is himself, but this is not what Biden meant.  I doubt if we will see Biden driving again.  Forgetting both his own name and that of his opponent in one sentence is grandkids confiscating the car keys territory

Memory, schmemory, seems to be the Dems view of Biden so far judging by the “Joe being Joe” comments and the ignoring of the issue by the Liberal media folks.  But it is hard to ignore evidence of his losing his faculties when looking at his judgment, even for Dems.  Any bad calls here at this time will threaten his election prospects.  Biden did not disappoint this week when he made the mother of all bad judgments on a radio show.

Charlamagne tha God is a radio hip-hop shock jock who interviewed Biden on his show.  Mr. tha Good has a majority black audience and he pushed Biden hard on why blacks should vote for him.  Biden finished the show with possible the worst thing any white person could have said to an American black audience, to wit: “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”  The appalling condescension that blacks will always vote for a Dem because whitey dictates your vote, coupled with the cringeworthy use of “ain’t,” because of his belief blacks don’t speak proper English, caused a firestorm.

African Americans on all parts of the political spectrum reacted in horror, from Al Sharpton and Black Lives Matter on the far left to Senator Tim Scott on the right.  A poll conducted by Mr. tha God’s show on whether folks agreed with Biden’s comments came out 90% in favor of “Wait, What … No!”

Meanwhile the venerable civil rights organization NAACP panned Biden for lying in the interview, saying that the organization had endorsed him in every election he ran (NAACP never endorses candidates).  And just to put a cherry on top Biden forgot (memory again) the name of his own unread plan for Black America, “Lift Every Voice,” released just two weeks ago.  In a mere 18 minutes he had seriously pissed off a constituency that he will need motivated in November, as it historically votes 90% for Dems.  It was so bad that Biden will have to blame the Russians when he loses.

And as always there was Trump.  By the end of the day the Trump campaign was trolling like a boss, selling a T-shirt #YouAin’tBlack in sizes ranging from small to XXXL (presumably for the morbidly obese).

His worse errors of judgment, however, are shown in the types of people he selects for his campaign.  Wackjob statements can be put in the same bracket as his gaffes and memory lapses and can be either ignored by the media or explained away.  It was no surprise when the major TV networks all ignored Biden’s duel with Mr. tha God, and both the NY Times and the Washington Post downplayed Biden’s contempt for blacks as a “joke.”  But what are the folks to make of him hiring folks who will only help kill his campaign?

Karine Jean-Pierre was hired as a senior advisor last week.  She was one of the foremost proponents of Believe Women, the movement that insisted that any women making any sexual bad stuff claim against any man should be believed period, np evidence necessary, and the man, if not executed, at least not be on the Supreme Court.  Biden is one of these folks as a former staffer, Andrea Reade, has accused him of sexual assault. Staff meetings in the basement will be fun.

The worst decision by far, however, is his consideration of Stacey Abrams for his VP choice, quite possibly the looniest pol in the US..  Ms. Abrams is a minor pol in Georgia who ran against Brian Kemp for the Governorship in 2018.  She lost heavily, yet for the last two years has become a figure of fun due to her Clinton-esque claim that she actually won due to dastardly Republican minority voter suppression (she is silent on whether Russians were involved).  This ridiculous claim is a little hard to prove as 1.4 Million voters more were cast in the 2018 election than the previous one, and Black turnout grew by around 27% and Hispanic turnout 50%.

This kind of off her trolley thinking seems to have sparked a fellow feeling in Uncle Joe.  Biden is taking her so seriously that the Washington Post published possibly one of the most cringeworthy fangurling articles ever seen outside of Teen Vogue.  And they published a photo of her in dramatic super-hero pose.  The desired effect, however, was blunted by the fact the only super power evident in the photo is an ability to block out the sun.

As for the case against Biden’s senility:

  1. The Dems selected and nominated him and surely they wouldn’t be as stupid as to pick someone whose mental acuity was compromised by old age.
  2. That’s all folks.

We will surely get more definitive evidence in the white hot spotlight of a Presidential campaign.  Except Biden’s campaign has announced he is in the basement for the foreseeable future, or at least until November.  Makes sense as his weekly gaffes, stumbles, and memory lapses will become daily events on the campaign trail, and then waiting in the wings are the TV showdowns with Master Debater Trump.

This is not it at all, said his Campaign Manager, Symone Sanders, a few days ago: “We’re going to lead with science, we are going to listen to the experts … Vice President Biden said just last week he can’t wait to get back out there on the campaign trail, but we’re going to do so when it’s safe.”  It’s always “Science!” with these folks, isn’t it, especially when they want to do something shady.  Like keeping Biden off the campaign trail in case he retreats permanently into a dream world.

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