Those who play with fire, often burn themselves.

The Chinese economy is fragile.

  • The debt to GDP ratio of China is 300%
  • The debt to GDP ratio of America is 120%

The American Dollar is a fiat currency and is being used for international trade settlements with a huge appetite from Investors considering it a safe haven. The Chinese Yuan does not have the luxury.

After weaponizing the virus and with coordinated attempt to wipe out of all the trail linking to China, the dragon has now stirred dispute with neighbour blatantly disregarding international treaties and pacts.

In the latest move, China has moved its forces armed with dump trucks, excavators, troop carriers, artillery and armoured vehicles and that China is now occupying Indian territory.

India has matched the response with deploying troops and both sides stated they would not like to go for confrontation, but things can go out of hand.

The Chinese action has not gone down well among India’s nationalist population who have decided to opt-out of Chinese built Smartphone Application.

Since its release on May 17, the ‘Remove China Apps’ app has already garnered massive support and has crossed one million downloads in less than two weeks. The Indian Govt has banned more than 250 Chinese Applications and US President Donald Trump had followed Indian actions in banning popular Chinese APP TikTok & Wechat and signing a death warrant for the booming Chinese tech industry.

India along with the United States is working towards reducing the influence of Huawei, ZTE in 5G Trials and forming an alliance with Japan & EU to work on an alternative framework.

While the Indian military is preparing to combat China with Bullets, Indians are preparing to boycott Chinese products through wallets. The trade deficit between China and India shrunk to $48.66 Billion USD from $63 billion in 2017-18.

With the move to encircle China in the South China Sea & break its expansionist ambitions, the Narendra Modi govt is actively working with United States, Australia, Japan to form the Asian version of NATO popularly known as QUAD.

The move is specifically aimed to contain atrocious claims on territorial boundaries in the South China Sea and ensuring the transit routes which come in the exclusive sphere of influence of these nations be used to choke Chinese international transit route in case of any misadventure by the paper dragon. Recently the warships & aircrafts from four nations conducted a Joint Military exercise with the aim of enhancing regional cooperation and security in the region.

India had signed BECA military accord with the United States in addition to LEMOA and COMCASA thereby strengthening the framework of mutual trust and long term strategic and military cooperation considering the expansionist threat from China.

Apart from building military alliances, India is now working to neutralize the Chinese spring of pearls in the Indian Subcontinent. Indian Foreign Minister, NSA & officials are visiting Nepal, Srilanka & Maldives to address the concern of the neighbours.

Also, India has strengthened its ties with Russia procuring 21 MIG29K aircraft and 12 SUKHOI-30 to beef up in the midst of standoff against China. We have also procured S-400 missile defence systems which will be delivered by 2021. And India will also export next-gen Brahmos Missile to Latin American countries & south-east Asian nations. Many countries have expressed interest in Indian Missiles and the Narendra Modi Govt has unveiled a new draft policy that sets a $25 billion defence production target, including making $5 billion from exports, by 2025.

During the pandemic period, the Modi govt has used the COVID-19 crisis as a golden opportunity to make India a favoured investment destination with FDI into double doubling in Quarter-2 from $14 Billion to $28 Billion.

India’s Foreign diplomacy is yielding results as OIC dropped “Kashmir Issue” from its agenda of the meeting causing distress for Pakistan. To add insult to injury the Kingdom removed Gilgit-Baltistan from its version of Pakistan Map.

India is also building a strategic alliance in the far east by initiating working relating between Russia & Japan. To provide much-needed relief to the world from the deadly pandemic India will Produce 100 Million Doses Of Sputnik-V Vaccine.

And PM Modi is personally evincing interest and visited Zydus Cadila’s plant in Gujarat and then Bharat BioTech, which is working on Covaxin, pitched as India’s first indigenous vaccine candidate. And after that PM went to Pune where Serum Institute of India (SII), which has partnered with global pharma giant AstraZeneca and Oxford University for a COVID-19 vaccine, is based.

All these measures show that India is taking an active interest in saving humanity from the lab-engineered virus from China. And the Indian Govt acted fast in realizing the importance of PPE in March and it resulted in a journey of collaboration between governments at the central and state levels, industries and workers to revamp existing production lines to manufacture a completely unknown product, from scratch to INR 7200 crore industry.

Whereas western countries have booked more vaccines for their entire population, India has decided to help its neighbours and will provide 3 crore doses to Bangladesh in its hour of need.

All these measures prove that India has emerged unscathed from the crisis and the COVID-19 has provided India to take a global leadership role to stand against the ulterior designs of China. After the Biden Administration Narendra Modi would be the indisputable leader of the democratic world to take on the evil axis of Xingping, Imran Khan, Erdogan.

China needs to remember that India is not friendless as it was in 1962.

China is more fragile than India.

The Chinese Govt annually spends around 196 Billion USD to set up a state of art surveillance system for its citizens. The country is in huge debt and the time of repayment is coming soon with reports of revolts flaring up in Tibet, Xingjiang.

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