Consider this. Pakistan is reputed to spend $2.5bn annually on its nuclear arsenal. Pakistan has also has been accused by neighbouring countries such as India, Afghanistan and Iran, as well as the US, the UK and France, of involvement in terrorist activities in the region and beyond. Yet Pakistan continues to beg for cash.

Only yesterday, Pakistan PM Imran Khan (Personal net worth $50m) took to Twitter to plead for more $$$’s.

By “developing countries” – he means, of course, Pakistan. The remarkable thing is that, bang on cue. the World Bank finds a spare $200m to shovel to this pariah State. What an outrage! If Khan can lavish $2.5bn on a nuclear arsenal then surely he can afford to provide for the needs of his people as regards Covid19? Then again it’s not as if Khan even cares about all of the people of Pakistan. Just consider this distressing information;

Hindus and Christians are treated abominably and few scraps are thrown their way even if they are lucky. So whilst Khan postures and preens and begs for more $$$’s  he starves his own minorities and shows contempt for their well being in this Covid pandemic.

Pakistan should be isolated from all International Aid until Khan (or his successor) demonstrates an ability to behave in a civilised manner towards ALL of the peoples living in his Nation.