The facts of the matter are clear.

The biggest vote in British history that took place on June 23rd 2016 is being systematically betrayed by the political class at Westminster.


The Conservative PM Theresa May has ‘reached out” to the marxist Leader of Labour, Jeremy Corbyn, to see if they can construct an agreement that delivers a fake Brexit. Corbyn wants Brexit to include a Customs Union, alignment to the Single Market, ECJ  jurisdiction over UK law and Open borders aka Remain. Theresa May wants something very similar and it is now being reported that she has abandoned all her “red lines” in order to get an agreement with Labour.

The summary of all this is that a Remain Prime Minister is determined to deliver something very close to Remain in defiance of a LEAVE electorate!

However things develop in the next period it is clear that the political establishment will not permit a “No Deal” Brexit.

So, disgracefully, we are staying IN the EU, de facto if not also de jure.

So what do we need to do? In short – act smart and fight back.

In the words of the Beatles, Come Together. We need to combine the pro Brexit forces in a sensible way. UKIP have been trailblazers in pushing for Brexit for many years (mainly under Nigel Farage, now under Gerard Batten) and have a major role to play. The Brexit Party, recently formed by Nigel Farage, has considerable traction in the polls despite the fact it does not yet quite exist beyond a legal formation. Only a fool would deny Nigel Farage’s charisma, knowledge and ability to effectively communicate.

There are several other smaller political parties that are pro-Brexit. For Britain, ably led by Anne Marie Waters, has been taking a clear undiluted message to the electorate. The SDP has made a recent emergence with the likes of Patrick Flynn MEP joining it. There is also the Time Party, the Sovereign Party, the Democrats and Veterans, the list goes on.

I have a message for all of you.

Unite – In the name of Brexit.

Find a way to work together, strategically.

No one is asking you to stop being your own party but there are ways and means whereby tactical alliances can be formed even at local constituency level. In the event of EU elections, the best result would be to annihilate as many of the quisling Conservative and Labour MEPS as possible. In the event of a General Election, the same principle applies. In a First Past the Post system (GE elections) we simply cannot divide the Brexit vote and hope to succeed. We must combine the talents, we must maximise the Brexit voice by choosing the very best candidate at local level in the form of a Grand Brexit Coalition. Egos must be set aside. Or else Brexit will be set aside.

There are also a few dozen Conservative pro Brexit MPs that deserve our support. Those such as Steve Baker, Priti Patel and Andrea Jenkins have held true. There are a few Labour MPs such as Kate Hoey who also merit support. The pro Brexit tent should be big enough to accommodate all these people.

The objective is clear.

Clear out the Augean Stables at Westminster.

Create a pro Brexit Parliament.

Change British history forever. 

Make Britain Great Again,